First Yarns

For those of you not on Facebook and haven’t seen this already…I give you my first hand-spun yarn.

These are very over-twisted because I really need to master the art of letting go, and really lumpy, because I don’t let go very evenly, but its a start.

The yarn is lying on the batt that I spun it from, so you can see its starting point…from fluffy stuff to twisted stuff resembling yarns.

I was given, not one, but two wheels and recently learned to spin and ply.  The one pictured is a Country Craftsman wheel which is modeled after a traditional old world wheel commonly called the Saxony.  Since this wheel looks like an old-fashioned one, its sometimes used for Living History or historical re-enactment events.

Unfortunately, the wheel was warped and needed some major TLC beyond my means, which left me sad and disappointed because I had become excited over the opportunity to learn to spin…and then couldn’t.  So I was at Urban Fiber Arts one knit nite telling this story and asking what to do (I was told it was not worth the expense) when a very kind man quietly drop spindling away spoke up and told me he’d give me an extra wheel he had.

Well.  I was beyond astonished.  I mean, its quite something to be given one wheel, and here is another offer!  Long story short, he ended up giving me and my friend Rachel two Ashford Traditional wheels, both with some missing parts, so that one good working wheel could be sorted from the two.

Here is a pix of myself and Rachel at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival on her birthday.

Rachel fixed and oiled and sorted and then brought me the wheel and assorted batts and started teaching me to spin.  Later, I hauled it down to Make One and had some more lessons with Melissa.  Eventually, I started to get the hang of it.  Now its all practice, at least that’s what they say.

Tazo lying on a green batts of fiber that Rachel gave me…I gave her bunches of sock yarns in exchange.  It was a win-win as she wanted to make a blanket that uses all sorts of leftover bits and I had tons.

How To Yarn Crawl

First you get a good friend with a super-cute kid, add a passport and hop in the car…drive like mad all over the Portland Metro Area and get your passport stamped 19 times at the19 different Yarn Shops participating in the Rose City Yarn Crawl 2012.

Stop for coffee and food sometimes, and keep going.

Win Prizes!

Take more pix of cute kid being super cute.

Let her take a pix of you.

Free Gifties!

Buy yarn and Roving

Enter to win one of the 19 Gift Baskets! Pick up some of the Free Patterns with Purchase.

We’re on a Mission!

We still have time to be goofy!  Cindy of Urban Fiber Arts with Rachel.

Turn in you crumbled Passport after visiting all 19 shops and kiss it for Good-Luck, because you want to win one of those gorgeous gift baskets.

Come home and admire your pile of loot and collapse with exhaustion.

This is my favorite find, Little Red Bicycle Tandem Lace in Blackberry Compote, isn’t it lovely?  I’m going to make a lace weight cardigan, like this maybe:

Chocolate may be needed to recover.

Tale of Two Yarns

As per the Second Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, see here.

This is one of my favorite yarns:  String Theory Caper Sock.   The hand dyed colors are beautifully nuanced and the 10% cashmere in it make knitting it up a dream!  Its been making great shawls and stoles for me and everyone that has seen one wants to touch it and admires the colors in it.

This is my favorite sock yarn, its Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock.


Its has a tighter twist, so it wears well, its 100% washable merino and its dyed by Tina right here in my own Greater Portland Metro Area.   The first pair of socks I learned to knit, I knit with STR in the Jasper colorway, which is still around.

Now I have half a dresser drawer full of this stuff, thanks, in part, to DH, who loves it too.  He has hats, fingerless gloves and several pairs of socks made for him out of  STR.  Tina knows him on sight when he comes walking up to her booth, both giving each other a knowing grin 😉

So a Barn Raising Blanket is underway for him now, what else do I do with all this yarn?   Because he’s spoiled rotten with STR, and I’ve got to knit it up somehow!

My New Lovelies

So pretty.

If I can get my hands to stop aching long enough to knit this up, it will be a Baby Surprise Jacket or a Baby Bog Jacket. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Abstract Fiber, Supersock, Smith Rock.  Get yours here.

Abstract Fiber Booth at the NW Quilters Show

It takes stops at Twisted, Sushi Land, Staples, and Ace Hardware (2x) to set up an Abstract Fiber Booth…and then you have to muddle through the set up and lay out process.

Susan setting up booth

Luckily, we had chocolate.

booth layout

Now we just need yarn and fiber and all the people, if you are in the PDX area, come visit!

NW Quilters Show Spring Show Hop

More pretties

I have another assignment from Abstract Fibers.
Two skeins of this beautiful yarn were given to me, so I can knit up this for a display shawl.

Woobu Cardi

What I do when I am not test knitting.

Knit a mindless, stockinette stitch cardigan from the top down, in the most deliciously soft yarn.

woobu cardi

Yes,  its another BMFA yarn, and yes, I have this colorway in another yarn already, and no, I didn’t need it.
Not exactly.   But my sister says you can never have too many cardigans.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts ” Woobu”  is a wool and bamboo blend yarn in the “Bleck” color way.

It is a color nearly impossible to take an accurate picture of, and also difficult to describe.  Its kinda a greyish, purplish color, a color I call “Dove Grey”.

And Blue Moon calls it “Bleck”,  which  I like to  imagine comes from looking out the window in the middle of Febuary and seeing yet more rain, steadily falling on a gray day in the Pacific Northwest.  And then you say, “Bleck”.

Koi Ripples Scarf

My first test knit design is done!

When I first saw the yarn, I dubbed it “Koi Pond” because it reminded me of the flashes of Koi colors you see in a pond full of them.  So, given that, I named the scarf “Koi Ripples”.

Of course I see everything that is wrong with it,  or that could be done better,  differently,  or whatever else my inner critic can come up with.

Others, however like it, and that is good.

Yarn is a fingering weight merino/tencel blend hand dyed from Abstract Fiber.   Susan sells beautiful hand-dyed roving, and  gorgeous hand-dyed yarns.

Dexter in the yarn pile

Dexter climbed into the middle of the yarn pile as I was photographing the haul and began “kneading” the skeins.

Proof that BMFA is irresistable!


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