Pretty in Pink Scarf

My mad for pink friend, Shannon is turning 30-something and this is what she is getting for her birthday.
All pink, all the time.   This is called the “Yarn Party” Scarf which is a variation of the “Shape-It” Scarf by Sally Melville,  of which I have made several, and do I have one for myself?  No, and why is that?

Because everybody wants one of these babies!  Its a unique scarf in that it starts out like a triangle shaped shawl and ends up being a long cozy rectangle shape at each end.  You can wear it so many ways.  Like with the triangle shape in front, or back or on the head like a hood…its really versatile!

I went stash diving for the three different recommended types of yarns which are: a ribbon yarn, a shiny yarn and a fuzzy yarn.  It is definitely a good stash busting project.  I have had the CPY Party ribbon for a few years, it was a “one -er” that I bought in the half price bin and thought I would use “someday”.  Well, here it is folks, proof that “someday” eventually comes!

Yarns used : Crystal Palace Yarns Party (a ribbon yarn), Berrocco Glace( a shiny rayon yarn) , and Katia Danubio (a slightly fuzzy yarn).
Its all done now, except weaving in the ends. (I ran out of movies, made this while watching Jude Law and Julia Orman in two different but excellent WWII era movies.)   Hope she likes it.


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