One Stamp Challenge

One stamp, different interpretations.

christmas stockings

Media used: White cardstock, Sepia, Raspberry & Pine Inks,  chalks, watercolor pencils & crayons, watercolor paints & brads.

What am I going to do with all these?  Good question, they will be cut up and used in Christmas Cards and Winter Time Themed ATC’s.

Not only have I had fun playing with mixed media, I have prepped some of my future cards:D

Your turn!  I challenge you to take the One Stamp Challenge and see what you can do:)

And Have a Holly Jolly Time!

Fairy Bubbles ATC’s

The Theme for November’s ATC Swap was Fairies.
As in Fairy Tale Fairies, what were you thinking?
anyways, after I did about nine Fairy cards, I started hearing “Tiny Bubbles” song playing in my head…so there you go.

The background of the bubbles is courtesy of my five year old niece, Sarah, when I had out the watercolor paint and watercolor “crayons” for her to play with.   I cut up the water color paper and figured I would use it sometime….and I did.

Aside from using my watercolors, I was also trying the new-to-me Pearl Ex-Pigments to make the bubbles.  I have to say Pearl Ex-Pigments are very versatile, there are many ways to use them, and if you know me at all, you know that I love versatility!

Just on these two cards I used them in several different ways.  The antique silver pigment I mixed up with water and arabic gum powder which I keep in a small sealed container, this keeps it moist.

On the pinkish color (interference red) I did the same mix, but kept it in a shallow dish in the open air and allowed to dry as a cake of paint would.  I also tried mixing in different watercolors to add color, I added purple to the dish and blue directly to the paint already on the paper.

I’m just getting started!

(BTW: Don’t start a land war in Asia, brahaha!!;))

ATC’s Nature Theme

Here is my first try at this ATC thing. The latest thing I signed up to do is Artist’s Trading Cards Swap, and the theme is “Nature”.

It’s nice to really paint with my watercolors again, I haven’t seriously painted in over two years or so. So it feels a little rusty right now, but it’s coming back to me. I enjoyed doing these and look forward to more ATC Swaps and improving my skills.

This is my favorite one, so far.   The bird is cut from an old Victorian calender I saved and schlepped around with my since the 80’s.  I knew it would be used someday!


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