Happy Birthday Little Sis!

Today’s my “little” sister’s birthday, and for her present,  she is getting the “is it a boy or girl” test at the Dr’s.  I can’t wait to find out,  so Vi and I can go to Twisted and pick out yarn to make a pair of  Baby Surprise Jackets.  Plus, I found her the perfect little gift!  Only I can’t show it to you now.

two pink roses

Orange and Pink ATC’s

Here’s one of my ATC projects I am working on this week.

The theme for this one is Orange & Pink.

Once again, I hit up my sister’s spare room for some additional supplies.  Sister’s like her are so handy to have around, I hope you have as great of a sibling as I do.

Even if they are as goofy as this one:D

Scripture Collage One

I made this trio of scripture collages with my sister.  Three reasons its fun to craft with my sister:  there’s the happy addition of The Kid, my niece, Sarah.  Then there’s the encouragement from my sister, plus I’m using her stuff:)  and last of all, there’s the M&M’s.

Always a nice addition to any crafting affair, don’t you think?  Remember their early ads?  “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands”.  When you are hard at work with your creative muse, it needs to be fueled, but not with anything sticky.  So, M&M’s to the rescue!

For some reason, I was stuck on the theme of “Glory” when I did this series of three. I kept hearing the group Third Day’s rendition of “Who is this King of Glory” run through my head the whole time.

Finally, Melissa got up and put on the music. Probably didn’t like my off tune humming.


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