Summer Flies on the Garden Gate

So, went outside for a photo op with latest shawl projects and had a bit of an adventure.


This is the Mizzle shawl knit in Dream in Color Starry called “Deep Current.” 

The gate closed and latched shut on me. The only way back in was to hike thru the bushy pond growth and somehow throw myself over the fence on the side by the road.

This is my third Summer Flies Shawl knit in Cascade Ultra Pima in the color “Buff”. 

I had on sandals, singularly inappropriate for hiking and fence climbing. Add to that middle-aged, overweight and out of shape and you have the makings for an embarrassing incident.

Awwwww, Well, I have some pretty shawl pictures anyway.

I won’t tell you how out of breath I was when I made it back inside the house.

It was a dark and dreary day

another shot for Project 365 or 365Project, depending on the group you’re in.

Me, I made the mistake of signing up for both…didn’t think about the work all this uploading to groups might entail. Sigh.

So, here’s why all Oregonians have SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) the term was coined here for a reason.

It goes on and on like this.  Gray, dripping, wetness;  day after day, after day.

Stitch Jones/Glam Sock in Her Majesty color-way

Which is why we take our Christmas money and spend it on yarn like this!  Sparkles! Purples! Pretty!

It shall become a new beret and fingerless gloves set for myself.  I have plenty of shawls after all, I knit 16 shawls in 2010 alone!

And after a little tag survey on Ravelry, I discovered I finished knitting 63 items in 2010.

So, its time for a bit of a Knitting Year in Review, because I had No Idea I’d done so much!

Granted there were (and still are) a number of things still on the needles from as far back as say…2007?   And granted, some knitted objects are quite wee in nature and thus knit up very quickly.

Abstract Fiber Supersock in Alfalfa

and some things were 80-90% done and just needing dragging out and finishing up

Henley in Knit One Crochet Too 2cnd Time Around Beluga Blue

Like this Henley Tee for Chris.  All I needed to do was pick up and knit around the neckline, and do the button holes and weave in ends.   Can’t say why it took me so long.

Simple Yet Effective Shawl in Austerman Munro

Thanks to the 10shawls2010, I ended up knitting 16 shawls.  They are kind of like candy:  Sweet and Addicting.

The Simple Yet Effective Shawl was the one I knit in a single 24 hour period.  It was bulky and self-striping yarn and that just made it fly off the needles.  This one also went to the BSD Project, which ended up with nearly 2o knitted items.

Thorpe Earflap Hat in BMFA Icelandic

and the tons of hats, so fast to knit, especially when its the BMFA Icelandic Bulky Weight yarns!

So, that’s how I get thru my dark and dreary days, how about you??



Airing of the Shawls

As some of you already know, I signed up for the 10 Shawls in 2010 Challenge. You know because you’ve seen the fruits of my needles as I’ve knit steadily along on one shawl after another since Christmas time. You know because I’ve brought them to the Tuesday Roving Knitters Group as I’ve finished them. You know because you’ve seen me wearing various ones in various ways.

10Shawls2010 has been a very fun challenge so far, but one of the results was a back log of shawls sitting in a crumpled heap waiting to be washed and blocked. One of the reasons, if you live in Oregon, was the weather, it was very un-cooperative in regards to draping damp shawls over the fence to dry.

I think the weatherman said we’ve broken several records this spring in terms of measurable rainfall, number of days in a row its rained, low temperature and the longest we’ve gone in the summer before we hit the 80 degree mark!

Me? I’m still waiting to see if my herb and tomato garden will need re-planting. I am definitely going to have to replace the basil and the tarragon isn’t looking so good either.

Here’s Cali crouching in my herb garden, the basil (in back) are shriveling up and dying   drowning, and the tarragon (middle) looks smaller than when I first bought it.  The lavender and cilantro, however, are going wild.

And Now For Some Knitting

Daybreak Shawl

I’ve completed a few shawls

and hats

and started quite a few more things…

Its always something.

From top to bottom, left to right:  Daybreak Shawl, Frosty Citron Shawlette, Molly Beret, Selbu Modern Beret,  Lace Sampler, Central Park Hoodie, Top Down Cap Sleeve Cardi.

Adventures at Sock Summit 2009

This pix of Gail at the Abstract Fiber Booth set up says it all!

Jasmine modeling her mohawk

Here is our own sweet Jasmine modeling her new Mohawk and the Feather Lace Shawl knit in Abstract Fiber Constellation Mightysock, the merino-tencel blend, which has great drape for shawls.

Susan knitting at Sock Summit

And Susan herself, knitting  off her yarn bracelet thingy…I don’t know what it is officially called, but she did get me one for my birthday, how cool is that?  Susan is wearing the Kiwassa Shawl knit in Seattle Mightysock.

Both shawl patterns are by local designer, Chrissy Gardner, of Gardiner Yarn Works, and she also designed a new sock pattern for us to feature at the show…which I have yet to snap a photo of.

The yarn Susan is knitting with is a new colorway called “Mt Hood Rose” .  Hopefully we’ll see more of this beautiful deep rose-magenta-purple-pink color!

line for swap from Knitmore Girls

The Big Event was when the Knitmore Girls showed up to hand out free swag bags!  The lines were long.  Susan handed out chocolates and business cards, I handed out bookmarks with Jasmine’s free hat pattern on them, and Gail socialized with the crowd.

Jasmin of Knitmore Girls

Jasmin of Knitmore Girls was very sweet, gracious and kind to everybody alike, I can see why she and her mom together have such a following!

More Adventures at Sock Summit to follow…

Wagtail Yarns


This yummy yarn comes from Australia and so, naturally it is pricey (as anything shipped from there is) and so worth the splurge !

wagtail comes in a huge and wonderful array of colors, lots of yardage and knits like the proverbial dream.

Right now I am making two shawls, one in blush and one in raspberry.  I took the raspberry hank out to my friends raspberry patch, just to see how much the color looked like raspberries, and it matched perfectly !

The yarn shows stitch definition beautifully and feels like silk running thru your hands as you knit.  After several swatches,  I settled on size seven and eight needle sizes for my shawls.

The raspberry  shawl pattern was taken from the wonderful book “Wrapped in Comfort”.


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