Killer Burger

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This is a seriously good burger place. Jeff claims his car cannot drive by it without stopping.  We take a good long walk first before we go there, and Jeff has decided we need to try most of the menu.

Everything except the Peanut Butter and Pickle Burger and the Marine, which is billed as “Hot, don’t try this one!” so, we won’t. ETA: I’ve tried the Peanut Butter and Pickle one and it is pretty good, it is more of a Thai Peanut Sauce flavor.

If you are in the Sellwood neighborhood go try it yourselves, its on 13th just before you hit the end of Sellwood and the industrial section. If you remember, its where “Hash” used to be.

I recommend the Black Molly.  Jeff recommends the Blue Cheese one.

Their fries are everything a fry should be, perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, hot mealy potato on the inside.

Every burger comes with fries and bacon. I like that.


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