BMFA De-Stash

Guess where I was yesterday????
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Annual De-Stash Barn Sale held in the lovely town of  Scappoose, Oregon!

Jeff, Chris, Vi and myself drove up together and we all had a great time.

Vi sat and knitted, Chris wandered around talking to people, I collected great piles of yarn, while Jeff drove around the area looking at the countryside.

After Jeff finished his tour of the country side, he came back and joined us all for coffee/tea and donuts and visiting.  The gals were busy winding yarns like mad, so I waited until I got back home to start winding some of the stash, since I brought home the entire take for the day.   Meaning, Vi, Joanne, Chris and my own yarns.

Then we drove into St. Helen’s and ate at Dockside Steak & Pasta (which was yummy:) and went for a little stroll down on the docks.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, with blue skies and  little bits of white clouds. Various boats cruised by from kayaks to sailboats and a few people fished off the dock.

And did I take pictures of all this?  Why No.  Because I left the camera at home.  I tried taking some from my cellphone camera and now I  can’t figure out how to get them off of their and onto the computer.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it will involve buying something.  Pooh!

BMFA yarn pile


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