Petal Pillows

I finally cut out my first set of petal pillows.  There will be two of these…eventually.   For Sarah’s new Big Girl Room.

The old sewing machine gave me such fits with the bobbin and the tension while I was sewing up the red and white quilt blocks that I am not eager to sit down at the machine again.

I have changed the bobbins, dusted it out, taken it apart and put everything back together again, adjusted the tension, re-threaded, and changed the thread altogether and nothing has helped much.

Now I remember why I don’t sew a whole lot.

Think Pink

(close up of old pink with new light pink swatch)

First it was painted pink, then it was painted another pink, now it is painted yet another shade of pink.

Because there is pink and then there is the just right pink.

(Some people are like Goldilocks when it comes to their pink, they want it just right!)

This is the “before” pink.

That swatch on the wall is the new can of pink and the final outcome is a mixture of them both by the Mixmaster, yours truly.  We are finally happy, its not too dark, not too white.  Its “Just Right”.

New and Improved!

Now with outlines between the colors!

Melissa wanted to see what it would look like.   Of course it has been painted over since this pix was taken.
We tried a variety of ways to get the lines to look fluid and even and finally decided on a medium white paint marker pen.   You know the kind where you have to shake them like its a spray paint can?  That kind.

Melissa also ordered some new bedroom linens to match.  This is going to be one bright and colorful room, just like the girl that lives there!

In Which we are “The Price is Right” models

Melissa and I often played funny little made up games together when we were young.

This is one of them, taken from how the models on “The Price is Right” show stuff off.

We always thought is was funny to do that to a piece of furniture or the stereo system. Once we did it over Dad sitting in the recliner!
“This lovely recliner chair, with a Dad already in it, and some popcorn, The Price is Right!”

Then we would break out in giggles. That is the price of amusing ourselves:D

Another Teaser

this shows the other corner.

A Teaser

Just the beginning stages of Sarah’s Big Girl Room…as you can see its pink, and the other pink, and orange and green, just like the scrapbook paper.


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