Misty Morn

Well, our beautiful Indian Summer Fall is gone and now we are back to our regularly scheduled Oregon weather.

Rain, Gray, drizzle, pouring rain, gray, mist, sideways blowing rain, and more gray.  The other morning the church lawn across the street offered a nice misty photo opportunity with the mist, and the black birds and the light.

Then today I sat at the table eating my very yummy White Bean and Garlic + Sausage soup and staring out into the back yard watching the drizzle come down.  And watching the drizzle steadily beat down my lovely potted King Tut Grass and the Purple Fountain Grass, soon its summer splendor will pass into a sodden, droopy mess.  So I thought of this Haiku:

A drizzle falls slowly

while plants die

and a cat watches

Misty Morn

Forecast: Spring with a chance of rain

This is a typical March here in Oregon.

Just when you’ve slogged through the longest short month of February.

Just when you think it might ease up a little with all the rain and gray skies.

Just when you have “Spring Forward” and have changed all the clocks in the house.

Just when you see the dogwood trees and the crocus begin to bloom.

Just when you begin to hope, that you’ll see a little sunshine…just then…it looks like this.

Oh, and did I mention that it snowed this weekend?  and rained, and hailed.  A virtual cornucopia of spring.


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