Walnut Tree Branches Against Grey Sky

Welcome to another winter day in Oregon!

Some have sunshine and its really, really cold.
Some have piles of snow, which alternates between being fun and being a pain in the patootie.
Some walk on beaches, free as the snowbirds that they are.

And then there is us Oregonians.  We have this.

Maybe that is why we pursue the indoor crafts so much!

Its not exactly as if we are being lured outdoors with promises of fun here.

And when we get bored we do stuff like this.

And we save stuff like this, because we are sure we can come up with something crafty to do with them and they are too good to throw out!

Then we find new things to do with stuff we have already, like these cat inchies I made with all my Scrapbooking/ATC supplies.

This is an attempt at quilting a project bag.  I spent a good half hour arranging the squares to my liking, only to have to put them away rather quickly, so I took the pix to remember the arrangement I finally settled on.

Now to get back to the sewing machine.  I have at least three quilt projects that need finishing up.

Sigh.  So much winter.

We won’t even mention the baking and cooking that goes on, that’s for another blog post!

The Artist Studio Tour

For my friends on Ravelry ATC Swap.

This is my studio.

The dining room.

Here is where I create amazing and wonderful things.

Until company comes over.

Basic Supplies Box:

Alene’s glue, scissors, decorative edge scissors, cat stamp and ink pad, gel pens, mechanical pencil, silver marker, VersaMarker, corner rounder, exact o knife & extra blades, embossing tool, pencil sharpener, water mister, walnut ink, and four different kinds of adhesives.

I especially like my double sticky foam bits.

Don’t set up your Arteests Studio without these!


Here is one of my many white trays.  I have a whole stack of them and use them for everything, especially beading.  If beading is involved, I lay a cloth down on it first so things don’t slide off so easy.

They are handy to keep clusters of materials that I am using for my current project.   A tray is easier to move around than a pile of stuff.

This tray is mostly purple stuff, for making Aubergine ATC’s this month.

Other Art Supplies:

Always keep a good supply of crafting and watercolor and scrapbook papers around, you never know what you’ll need:)

Always have a decent paper cutter.  And Golden Acrylic Medium.

Always keep an big old plastic cup and washcloth dedicated to painting around.

The rest is personal preference:  stamps, inks, chalks, embossing powders, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, pearl ex, paint brushes, and various other applicators.  Smocks are optional;)

Crafter’s Library:

Its important to keep inspiration around you in the form of crafting books, catalogs and magazines.

Magazines come under two categories:  magazines you keep, and magazines you rip into.

Quilter’s Corner:

I quilt and sew stuff too.  Easy stuff.  I don’t do most patterns and clothing stuff.  Although I’ve been wanting to make simple drawstring jammy bottoms for over a year now.

See that red, white and blue material so carefully washed, dried, ironed and folded on the cart to the left?  That is the jammy material I bought last year…and I’ve quilted instead because I’m a chicken.

I always wash, dry and iron with sizing all my material before using.

I don’t like wonky shrinkage surprises.

This here is Bead Central:

Beads, beads, and more beads.

Trays, clothes, wire, coated wire, colored wire, silver wire, cooper wire, fine sanding paper, chasing hammer, pounding plate, pliers and all the other tools too numerous to mention.

Under the beads are three boxes of quilting fabric and quilts in progress.  Under the cart is “The Star Box” for folding those origami Moravian stars.

This ends The Artist Studio Tour, any questions?


There’s more stuff in the hall closet, what of it?

Boing! Boing! More Shop Hopping!

Chris was up for a drive down to the beach, via the Quilt Shop Hop Way, so we loaded the car with water, warmer clothes and hopped on down to Albany.

Where we waited for the shop to open.

Then we got our “passport” stamped, picked up our free quilt block design and material, and a few more star fat quarters for Chris’ collection.   He is collecting star fabric and he thinks I will make him another quilt. 😉

We spent all day driving only to actually make it to two more shops before closing time.  Between Sunday Hours and the miles apart, we could only “hop” to three shops.

So, we made the best of it by stopping to shop at the Outlet Mall, most particularly, The Big Dog Store, where Chris was happy to pick up three new Big Dog shirts.

Quilt Revival

I am back to the quilting again…my hand just can’t do very much knitting right now.  Some carpal tunnel or tendonitis?  Anyways, (waves arm away) I dug through five boxes of stashed material, much of it hasn’t seen the light of day for seven years…or more, and found this…

panseys wall hanging

I made this back in 1995, Wow!  and I still have many pieces cut out, so I thought I would make some more.

pansey piecework

Hopefully, my piecing has improved some with the years.

I am enjoying working with a sewing machine that performs well, and really getting into my fabric stash again.  It’s like getting re-acquinted with old friends.  And I forgot how absorbing quilting can be…hours just go by…I forget to eat…and I keep thinking, “just one more piece”.

And we won’t talk about how I have been pouring over the quilting books, new ones, old ones, friends that loaned me ones, and then there is the library!  A lot has been going on in the Quilt World while I’ve been away, and I need to catch up.

And don’t get me started on jelly rolls, charm packs and the like!


Red & White Pinwheel

Or the reason I am going to start paper piecing. I did my best, followed instructions from two different books…and still have an alignment problem!

Trouble is, I have a table full of these pieces, all cut out and piled up.

red & white quilt
I feel like I can’t waste all that work.  So I will probably piece them together anyway…and call it another learning experience.

Oh, Hey! The “new” sewing machine works great though:)

Behind Door #1: A Janome Sewing Machine !



Its a Quilters Companion 6019 and I am so happy to have it!

Soon, Chris will be happy too, when  I finish sewing his pillowcases…the old machine gave its final gasp in the middle of sewing one up.  He told me to go to our local shop and take a look and report back to him, so I did, then he goes in after work and looks over my final two choices…and comes home with the Janome!  Proving, once again, that he is a big sweetie!

Of course I have to learn to use it first, and it came with free classes, so I am all signed up.   So far, I have learned what all my parts are for (including the extra box of quilting gadgets) and that I can’t use any of my metal bobbins.  I also learned how to re-wind the metal bobbins onto the plastic ones.

Soon, those pillowcases will be done, including Sarah’s and I can finish Momcat’s little quilt and then…I am going to start me a quilt.  My textile friend Joanne, gave me a pile of Quilting books to peruse, and I am starting to brim over with ideas.  Just you wait til’ I get going!

Reds & Whites Quilt Project

The next Quilt Block Swap from Knitter’s who Quilt on Raverly. The theme is all reds and whites and the block size is 8.5 X 8.5 any block design of our choosing.

It’s not trouble to gather up reds, their are a bunch of them, ranging from the pictured toile and calico style to the more modern batik and marbleized looks.

White is proving to be more difficult. It has to be either white of white or white and red. While there is a ton of great white and black quilt fabrics out there, those, alas, do not qualify.


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