Fairy Theme ATC’s

More of the November Theme Fairy cards.

STOP IT! Stop thinking that right now! (shakes head)

Ok, so as you can see, I painted these little fairies on a toadstool with a very fine brush.
My script brush, actually.  And I am just about ready to get me one of those magnify-ing light thingies. Man, I just can’t see little stuff like I used to.

Watercolor paints, red interference pearl-ex and antique silver pearl ex, stamps, ink, brush markers and clear glaze used on all these cards.

Fairy Theme ATC's

Fairy Bubbles ATC’s

The Theme for November’s ATC Swap was Fairies.
As in Fairy Tale Fairies, what were you thinking?
anyways, after I did about nine Fairy cards, I started hearing “Tiny Bubbles” song playing in my head…so there you go.

The background of the bubbles is courtesy of my five year old niece, Sarah, when I had out the watercolor paint and watercolor “crayons” for her to play with.   I cut up the water color paper and figured I would use it sometime….and I did.

Aside from using my watercolors, I was also trying the new-to-me Pearl Ex-Pigments to make the bubbles.  I have to say Pearl Ex-Pigments are very versatile, there are many ways to use them, and if you know me at all, you know that I love versatility!

Just on these two cards I used them in several different ways.  The antique silver pigment I mixed up with water and arabic gum powder which I keep in a small sealed container, this keeps it moist.

On the pinkish color (interference red) I did the same mix, but kept it in a shallow dish in the open air and allowed to dry as a cake of paint would.  I also tried mixing in different watercolors to add color, I added purple to the dish and blue directly to the paint already on the paper.

I’m just getting started!

(BTW: Don’t start a land war in Asia, brahaha!!;))


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