Flash the Stash: Yarn from OFFF

Or should I say stuff we hauled home from the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival?

This year I went both days;  one day with my prodigy newbie knitter, Tina, and another day with the DH.  Tina had such fun, she wished she could come back the next day.

I somehow managed to only pull my camera out once, and took only one picture over two days. So, mostly, I have pix of the stuff we came home with.

This is Nadine, from the PDX Knitbloggers booth, holding up her Sivia Hardings “Heart to Heart” shawl, seen in better detaialhere.

I say we, because, DH is very fond of  BMFA STR (or Blue Moon Fiber Arts,  Socks That Rock yarn)  and he bought some of his own yarn…although I am the one expected to knit it.

This is also one of the Rare Gems color-ways that Tina dyes up when she wants to experiment with her dyes and colors…they are a one of kind, non repeatable color-ways.  Curiously, neither Chris, nor I have ever come home with any Rare Gems before, even though we’ve made numerous purchases from Blue Moon over the years.

Next up is a bundle of yarns from Abstract Fiber called appropriately “Colorwork”.  Apparently a bunch of them bundled up different color-ways and named them rather whimsically late the night before OFFF.  My bundle was labeled, “Scuba Diving in the Coral Reef”.    I love the saturation and richness of Abstract Fiber’s colors, and have a plan in mind for this bundle.

These colors reminded my of one of my favorites:  Koi Pond, which has all these colors in it all merged together.

Of course, I had to visit Lisa Souza’s booth, and there I picked up some beautiful light colored yarns for Vi.

This is Lisa Souza, Sock!  in the Mother of Pearl color-way

and this is Ice, Ice, Baby, a really light and icy blue.

Of course I had to get some more Lo-Lo Bars, here is a pix from last time:

This year we also picked up a couple of their new travel packs as well as some Lo-Lo Bars.  I love this product and have it placed strategically all over the house and in my knitting bag (which, of course, is with me at all times).

Some new stuff I picked up this year was this beautiful blackberry wine colored yarn from a new(er) dyer out there:

There is enough of this to make a sweater, if I can figure out which sweater and how.

And lastly, I dashed between the raindrops to pick up some Stitch Jones:

Top is the “Quince Blossom”  color-way and bottom is a new one she dyed up per Gail’s request, called “Rocky Mt. High”.  Gail was trying to evoke the colors she saw when flying over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

During the month of October, Sharon, of Stitch Jones is donating a portion of all sales of pink yarns and fibers to the Koman Foundation for the Awareness of Breast Cancer.  So, if you were thinking about getting some, now is good!

Now, I have some serious knitting to do!

Lisa Souza Yarns

This was Lisa’s first year at OFFF and since she is from California, we thought it would be good to fondle her beautiful hand-dyed yarns personally.

Of course, this caused us to come home with a few.

( They followed us home! Really! Double pinkie swear it! )


(Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock)

First stop is BMFA, Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth.

We each pick a hank and Vi gets both of the Yarn Harlot’s new baby sweater patterns, “Baby Mine and Baby Yours”.

Winding is provided by the PDX Bloggers, who understand the need to sit down and begin knitting once hanks of beautiful hand dyed yarn are acquired!

Now Vi feels the need, the need to cast on and knit an adorable baby sweater.

I went and fetched her a cup of water and got her set up with yarn, needles, pattern, etc before joining Joanne in the galleries.

When you go to OFFF

Yarn is acquired, all kinds of yarn and animals are looked at, and other “neat stuff” is gawked at or bought.

Vi is ready to start a new baby sweater after she visits the first hand dyed yarn booth at OFFF.

What is OFFF?

Why its the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival held the last weekend of September every year at Canby in the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.

It is all about Fiber baby!  Its a Fiber Fest!

Its yarn, roving, spinning and the accessories to help you do it all.

Its demonstrations and workshops taught by famous people in the world of fiber.

Its a contest and display gallery of spinning, knitting and felting.

Its cute animals in contests, for sale or for you to see and pet.

Here is a sheep the was bleating the entire time Joanne and I were in the barn.  When I finally saw which one it was making all that noise I snapped a pix to remember him/her by.

A  pair of llamas:  this one kept making little “pphhht” noises and I commerserated with him/her for having to be stuck there with people looking at him/her all day.

Some alpacas, they look like they are telling each other secrets.

And the newest, cutest animals added to OFFF this year were the bunnies!

such fluffy cuteness is difficult to resist!

and of course, the classic bunny; white with pink!

and if all that were not enough cuteness for you…we have the little lambs!

Hold Still so I can take your pix!  These guys are pretty curious.

Their owner told me they escaped their pen earlier and caused all manner of havoc.

In the next pen over we have these lambs which are content to rest.  It was far easier to snap their pix.


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