The Very Latest in Referigerator Art

As you can see, my niece, Sarah was visiting.

She now comes for her visits equipped with a painting “smock” aka Dad’s old T-Shirt.

Sarah likes her colors to be vibrant, I refilled her paint tray four or five times, because she just saturates the paper with paint.

Of course, I am a biased Auntie and thinks she did a pretty cool painting.

While she did three paintings, taking two of them home with her, I was working on one painting.

For awhile now, I have been trying to paint a landscape that I like…however, everyone that knows me, knows I am extremely critical and picky.  And lately, the art books on my shelf just aren’t helping me figure out what else I should be doing…so I ordered a new one.

One is a partial painting I did while with Sarah…I did not get much done due to the fact I was supervising her.  Putting more paint on her tray, going to the closet to dig up another piece of watercolor paper, dumping her water and refilling it with clean water.  Six year old’s have a way about them that keeps you hopping. 🙂

Another is the book I received, “Watercolor Right From the Start” by Hilary Page.  I have her excellent book on pigments, so when I saw this one, I knew it would be good.

And then the surprise part, when I received the book and opened it up,  I discovered that it was signed by Hilary herself!

I tilted it towards the light to see if it was real ink or not.  Yep!  Its real!  As Sarah would say,  “that is super-duper really cool!”

As always, you can click on the pix to biggify.


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