A Walk in the Parks

Hillendale Park

Today Jeff and I took our walk in three different Oregon City Parks.  Above is a photo for an area of  Hillendale Park that goes over the creek.

http://www.orcity.org/sites/default/files/Parks_map.pdf  After receiving a copy of the Oregon City Trail News, with this map of all the parks and a  list showing which ones had walking paths, we ended up going to three of them.  Hillendale Park is huge, and it took us a while to find because there are no signs and the map doesn’t show the turn off road, but that was half the fun, driving around looking for it.

We parked and walked all the way to the far side, where we could see buildings and a street.  Curious, we walked out to the street to see where we were, which was the back side of the Red Soils Industrial Complex.  We walked back into the park and past the the creek and over a second bridge back to the car.

We walked around Singer Park first and met a boy riding his bike with a Red Flyer Wagon attached, he had cans rattling around the back and stopped to throw more in as he rode around the park.  The park is interesting in that it only has a couple of looped walking paths and a Frisbee golf area, and that is it.  It doesn’t even have an official parking area, we made do with a dusty spot at the top.

The trails go through some nice forest-y areas and end up in the cul-de-sac of a neighborhood.  Several of the homes had back yards that open up into the park, which might or might not be nice, depending on what your opinion of sharing your backyard with a park is.  When we looped back down to the bottom, we saw the boy again, this time in the creek, fishing out a can.  We thanked him for helping the environment, and he was quite pleased.

After walking around Singer and Hillendale Parks, we went to lunch at Bugatti’s, which was good as usual.  Then we stopped at Park Place Park for one more walk.  We had to walk off the pizza!

We discovered a section that goes way back behind a row of houses that is lined with nice, juicy ripe blackberries and thus, took our dessert along the way.  I doubt it is really a trail, but we walked along it as far as we could before dead-ending in brambles and bushes, on our return we saw two white-tailed deer.

I am not sure who was more startled, us or them.  I think they were after the apple trees, or perhaps they wanted some blackberries too?  They bounded a little ways into the forest and then stopped and watched us.  We watched them back, deer in the middle of the afternoon, how beautiful.  It made a nice end to our walks in the parks.


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