The Epic Sweater KAL

Recently, I became a second moderator for a group on Ravelry (my online knitting community)

called “Finish or Frog It“.

Finish or Frog It was started by my blogging friend “Major Knitter” and its aim is to encourage us to evaluate our projects and choose to either finish knitting it up or to frog (un-ravel) it and re-purpose the yarn.

We try to do this with the goal of  “Finishing Friday”.  This has worked out pretty well for many of us…personally, if I want to post something by Friday, I know to focus on something to get ‘er done, so to speak.

Major Knitter also realized that many of us also have what we’ve come to call “Epic Projects” that often get pushed to the back of the knitting pile as we either get distracted by BSO’s  (Bright, Shiny Objects) or by those “Instant Gratification” projects that we all like to knit so we can feel like we’re getting something done this century.

These “Epic Projects” can be a bit of a slog and called for extra encouragement in the form of a contest.   So each year we declare our Epic Projects with the goal of finishing them, and prizes are awarded.  This has been working out pretty well, and after some online chatter, it seemed a good idea to form “The Epic Sweater KAL”.

Many of us have either wanted to make what we consider “The Epic Sweater” and were afraid to try it, and some of us have started “The Epic Sweater” and ran out of steam.  (Some of us have a real problem with BSO’s but we won’t name names here.)   My Epic Sweater is the “Plum Frost Cardigan” which I adored upon first sighting of it, and did not think I could possibly do such a thing.

Pictured above is the yarn for the Epic Sweater, and now, thanks to my great friends on Finish or Frog It, I have all the encouragement I need to get going…after the New Year, that is.  That’s when the KAL starts.  If you are on Ravelry and always wanted to knit The Epic Sweater, come join us, it’ll be fun.  We can do it!


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