This is Madeline Tosh Lace yarn in the new for Fall 2012 colorway called Whiskers.

I didn’t buy because I’m “mad for tosh” or because its new.  I bought it because its called “Whiskers” and I am going to knit a really pretty scarf called “Rill”  by Miriam Felton  in honor of Dexter.

The Rill Scarf has a Chevron Lace panel running up the side, I am going to put in a Cat’s Paw lace panel instead.  When I (finally) wrap it around my neck, I will think of my furry friend with fondness and cuddle up to its warmth.

Thanks to all my friends who have listened, empathized and understood my pain this week.

Special thanks to those that understand our pets are not just a pet, but like wee fur-butted children with all the accompanying joy and sorrow. I deeply appreciate it.

a very sad day

We lost our youngest, and seemingly healthy cat this morning, He may have had a form of cat appendicitis, but the vet’s did not have a diagnoses.

He went from fine to dead in one 24 hour period and he was in a lot of pain. It hurt my heart to hear him cry out and other than giving him another dose of the pain med the vet’s sent home with us, there was nothing we could do to make it better. I’ve spent the better part of today crying. and Chris put him in the back yard, not far from Scooter.

I have never lost two pets in less than one year before and this is truly hard to bear. RIP Dexter, you were so loved, and while you were here, you were a happy boy who loved his home and family.

We miss you terribly.

Project 365

Project 365 (or I’m a sucker!)

I joined the Project 365 Group on Flickr where you take and upload a picture per day for the whole year.

Since Dad, Hannah and I were folding stars the day before, I had to take some pix of them.

and the cats

Dexter in black and white

and Cali absorbing some rays.

This should help me blog more, take more and better pix and get me in the habit of bringing my camera with me everywhere.

Want to know more?  Or join the internet group?  See here.  Take a Photo a Day: 365Project

Who knows, you and or your stuff could be the next picture I take!

A bit of gardening

After a visit to our local (Serres) Nursery,

Golden Jubilee Sweet Corn & Jet Star, BeefMaster & Early Girl Tomatoes.

Chris realized he needed to prep the ground.  And prepping the ground means using noisy machines that dig in the dirt!

For Chris, his idea of fun.  For me, a picture taking opportunity with blogging in mind.

And when I say a “bit”  of garden I mean it.  Here is our whole garden strip.

We have three different tomato plants, some sweet corn and on that table yonder (out of the dogs way)  and past the compost bins, are the herbs.

The Cast of Tomatoes:

Early Girl is ready 20 days ahead of the others and is a medium, firm and meaty tomato, good for slicing which I will use in salads and eating like my grandma used to serve; fat slices with salt sprinkled on and a dollop of mayo.

BeefMaster is really large (up to 2 lbs) solid, meaty and flavorful, which I will use for BLT’s, hamburgers fresh from the grill and making pasta sauce.

Jet Star is medium, firm and flavorful, which I will use for roasting, sauces and freezing.

A nice start to my herb container garden with cilantro, oregano and french tarragon.   They will go nice with all those tomatoes later on!

As usual, The Cats are keeping a close eye on all activities.

and Cali takes advantage of the nice, dry day to do one of her favorite things:

Have a nice scritchy roll around on the concrete…

wait a minute!  What’s He doing here???   Huh?

Yep, we’re in the big time with this garden…not!  But we will enjoy it this summer:P

Dexter the Camera Ho

Dexter (aka “Slinky”) has this way of just showing up when I pull the camera out…

remember this?  I was trying for  a shot of my freshly made pecan cinnamon rolls?

I had just laid this scarf down to block it, went away for the camera, and who’s there when I get back???

and then there was the time I was trying to set up a little photo shoot with the stuffed animals and scarf  I had knit for Chris…suddenly there’s an extra animal in my photo shoot!

and the time we came home from the Blue Moon De-Stash Sale and I had a pile of yarn to photograph and organize for Ravelry…

Dexter in the yarn pile

the time he showed up while I was taking photos of this project, and started chewing on my hand turned Birch Brittany knitting needles…

the time I was trying to take pix of the walkway that Chris and his dad were building, who should show up looking up at me like this?

and there was this time, when I was trying to photograph the lavender in the front yard…Dexter sits down under the ornamental grass and looks like this at me…what I am supposed to do, not take that picture?

and then there are the times you KNOW he’s been there…but he’s nowhere to be found!

Dexter's Paw in Key Lime Tart

I had baked a Key Lime Tart and left it cooling on the stove.  Never entered my mind to cover it, I mean what cat would want anything to do with the tartness of limes?

Adirondack Chair

Chris has been coveting these for a couple of years now, finally have a set of two.

These are built nice and sturdy, with a deep seat and are very comfortable.  Find some here.

Chris felt it was necessary to have a pix of  himself sitting in it.

Then he took the pix of me sitting in the chair and he received “the scowl”

because he insisted on taking a pix with the  camera held all tilted and…

felt it necessary to stop and take a pix of Dexter…since we only have a few hundred pix of our pets and need one more!

Its always the little things that get to you, isn’t it?

Dexter & The Stocking

The cats have their own stocking and presents, Dexter’s checking his out with his best “who me? ” expression.

He’s hoping for something fishie, or milk, or catnip, or a new toy to chew the snot out of…he’s not that picky actually.

He seems a little disappointed, maybe he needs help unwrapping his gifts:)

Cali’s got some bling

I came across this piece of knitted I-cord yesterday and found it was the perfect size to tie around Cali’s neck.

I told her it was a “pretty” and she just gave me the “look”.


and it is difficult to take pix of a solid gray like hers…


still, she is pretty and she wore her bling all day.

And then there is Dexter, who went and got himself locked in the garage all night last night.  He was a hungry boy when he finally got let back into the house!

dexter chews

I think he would have ate anything!

Dexter hangs off cat tree

Sometimes your cat does something so funny and cute, you have to take a pix of it!

Dexter loves napping and watching the world through the window from his custom made cat tree. Sometimes we indulge him by opening the window a bit, so he can include sniffing with the watching.

And since most of the time he is usually pretty cute, I refrain from taking yet another pix of what looks like a variation on a theme…except this time.

dexter hanging off cat tree

Hahaha!  Hee hee hee!  Gasp!  Why are cat butts so funny?

Rebecca’s Open Test Kitchen

I made Buttermilk Donuts this Saturday morning and look who was watching me through the kitchen window !  The Whole Time! …Dexter!

He is sitting on the BBQ watching my every move, after all, bacon might be involved!  So I felt like one of those Chef’s in the Open Kitchen setting, where the patrons watch you cook.

The donuts turned out really nicely, see for yourself.  The hardest part was getting the oil temp just right, even with my handy digital thermometer, it got too hot, and took some effort to cool it down.  Apparently, it is easier to raise a temp than it is to lower one.

dexter on bbq

Would you just look at that face?  Someone should give him some bacon!  Poor thing!


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