Walk Around West Moreland Park

Boy, did we get a beautiful day! Perfect for snapping pix, and I did go a bit wild, snapping over 30 pix before we were done with our walk.

There are all these little bridges crossing the creek that comes of the shallow lake at the end, birds, ducks and geese are everywhere.  We even saw a Anna’s Hummingbird making its funny noise and doing its dive bombing technique for us.

West Moreland Park is one of those places you whiz by on 99E to and from Portland and you see the edge of it and keep saying to yourself, “I need to take a walk there.” And you say it to yourself for approx 2 or 3 years before you finally Just Do It.

And then when you get there you repeatedly say to yourself, “this is lovely, why didn’t I come here sooner?”

The park has lovely walkways all around, and hosts what is probably the worlds only casting pond in a city park.  Some Portland business man that wanted to practice his (fishing) casting and not have to drive too far from the city had it put in.  It also hosts those little dragon boat races.  Its things like casting ponds in city parks and outdoor municipal elevators that I like about living here.

Here you can see the edges of the casting platforms that are spaced evenly around the pond, presumably so each person can cast without getting tangled up with another persons.

the Golf Course

See that strip of green over yonder? That is a golf course. It was funny to see golfers just across the way. And we could here the traffic noise from 99E that direction too.

If you squint, you can make out some golfer shapes under the trees over there.

can’t see it?  OK, try this one:

Cropping is my favorite tool.  Shannon thinks we should go over there to play golf.  Not that she knows how to play golf.  And I barely know how.  No matter.  It would be fun.

Crystal Springs is clearly an oasis in the middle of city life. It provides a nice escape without having to leave the city and officially “go” somewhere. This is a creek bed looking down from a bridge.

There were lots of pathways, wandering through the woods, open green areas, along the waterfront and around ponds and waterfalls.

I’ll have to go back…there is a whole other side I didn’t get to.  Down there is a path around a pond…it looked intriguing but we did not go down there, Shannon was attired in flip flops, which is not the proper foot gear for long walks up and down forested hill sides and around the bumpy water-side edges.

That and they were out of duck food.


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