The Wonder That Is Applied I-Cord

Don’t you just hate edges that curl?   Especially when you followed the directions and wet blocked using wires and pins?

And the edge still curls?

Or you think you’ve made a clever modification to prevent your edge curling on the charcoal and burgandy Cosette Wrap, like knitting moss stitch for six rows instead of garter stitch for four rows…which clearly didn’t work on the Purple Cedar Leaf edging…and it still curls after wet blocking and drying!  Bah!

So desperately curling edges call for desperate knitting fix measures!

Applied I-Cord Edges!  Take that you curly edges!  I dare you to curl now!

Ahhh, Peace at last.  Now, I’m happy 🙂

I took my Applied I-cord instructions from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s

“Knitting Around” book where she explains I-Cord in several different ways on many different projects.

And from Nancie Wiseman’s book on Finishing Techniques, I like the nice large, clear photographed illustrations in this book.

The one thing she doesn’t make clear is that if you are going in and adding Applied I-Cord to an already finished object, you need to pick up live stitches again.  Some advocate for picking up a set number at a time, but I choose to pick them all up, because I am not fond of stopping and starting my projects.

Just get it over with, and pick them all up, that’s what I say!

I start from the wrong side and pick up from behind the front loop, that way you’re ready to do the Applied I-Cord from the front side when you’re done picking up all those stitches along the edge.

There now, isn’t that way better???

Lavalette & Other Knitting Projects

Lavalette Shawl by Through the Loops

Since I finished not one but Two shawls this week I felt compelled to cast on a new one.

Never mind the WIP’s (Works In Progress) still on the needles, I couldn’t resist the siren call of this Caribbean Blue Cashmere any longer!  Its like knitting with feathers, it is so light and silky and cloud-like!  Num!

Here is my Fourth Multnomah finished:

I don’t have a pix yet of the Cosette,  which I also finished, its just a lump un-blocked.

I now have a pile of four shawls on my craft table needing blocking attention, and I’m almost done with my Fifth Multnomah!  This 10 Shawls in 2010 thing is breezing right along…but I shouldn’t say that, it may cause bad luck or something!

Plus I have my Tweedy Aran Cardigan Project, where I learn about the complexity of diamond cables with twisted stitches inside.  I have four cable classes to learn how to do this, because DH surprised me with them from Melissa over at Make One.

I’ve got the yarn, special ordered from New York, ALOT of it!

Kathmandu Aran Tweed:

I’ve made a gauge swatch in the twisted rib pattern:

and determined its lovely.  I have the needles and the pattern all ready, and then the weather turns itself up to 80 degrees and makes me wonder if I should be doing this now or not.

But it is done in pieces and we do have A/C both at home and in the shop, so….What the heck!  Tweedy Aran Cardigan of my dreams, here I come!  (Wish me luck or send me prayers, whichever is your thing, I’m going to need them!)


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