a very sad day

We lost our youngest, and seemingly healthy cat this morning, He may have had a form of cat appendicitis, but the vet’s did not have a diagnoses.

He went from fine to dead in one 24 hour period and he was in a lot of pain. It hurt my heart to hear him cry out and other than giving him another dose of the pain med the vet’s sent home with us, there was nothing we could do to make it better. I’ve spent the better part of today crying. and Chris put him in the back yard, not far from Scooter.

I have never lost two pets in less than one year before and this is truly hard to bear. RIP Dexter, you were so loved, and while you were here, you were a happy boy who loved his home and family.

We miss you terribly.


Having Corey go recently, and Scooter last summer, I am appreciating my Cali all the more.

I like to call her “cali-roo” as in “kanga-roo” just for fun, because she’s far to serious otherwise.

I snapped this pix of her just this morning. She is such a solid, dark gray that it is often difficult to catch her in the right light not looking like a dark blob.

Dexter & The Stocking

The cats have their own stocking and presents, Dexter’s checking his out with his best “who me? ” expression.

He’s hoping for something fishie, or milk, or catnip, or a new toy to chew the snot out of…he’s not that picky actually.

He seems a little disappointed, maybe he needs help unwrapping his gifts:)

Ode to Scooter the Cat

Scooter, sleeping in the old milk box on the porch at Jeff and Vi’s

Sad news today, Scooter, aka Booger, has died.

Approximately 13 years ago, I found him wandering in my parents cul-de-sac, sneezing with some type of kitty cold, thus the name “Booger”. The neighbors said he’d been there about two weeks and no one claimed him, so I scooped him up and took him home…which was Jeff and Vi’s.

scooter the cat Scooter resting under the birdbath.

Scooter hopped out of the car and followed me right into the basement and meowed at Jeff and looked cute. Jeff was instantly smitten, and there he has stayed ever since.  (Only Jeff insisted on calling him Booger, which I could never bring myself to call him, so I stuck with Scooter, which, if you had met him, really was a Scooter!)

This week he was not doing well, Jeff took him to our local vets and discovered he had colon cancer.   We are all sad,  Scooter was a great cat, cute, not much trouble and did I mention CUTE!

He was always doing the cutest, dumb stuff, like sticking his entire head in Jeff’s extra large coffee cup.  Or jumping up on the window ledge, slipping and falling off.  Or rolling in paper, that cat loved paper with a un-holy passion.  I used to bring over my packing paper when we received a package in the mail like that.

We’ll Miss You Scooter/Booger!

Jeff & Scooter Scooter in Jeff’s lap in their front yard.

My Little Helper

Dexter doesn’t like be left out,  especially if there is food involved, or anything that the Momma is doing!
So I am taking pix of my latest projects and yarn acquired…and Dexter pops into my frame.

Dexter chews on knitting needle

When I switch projects, this is the kind of  “help” he gives me.

Or maybe he is having one of his  “I’m a ferocious tiger!” moments.


Dexter checks out the snow

Dexter has never met the snow before, so I tossed him just outside the patio door…

pawprints in the snow

which lasted all of 20 seconds:D

Don’t you just love how Dexter looks like he is trying not to put ANY of his paws down in the snow?

Its hilarious!!!

He hasn’t shown any desire to go out since.

Milly on the back porch

This is one of Jeff’s kitties, Milly.

Milly is short for Millennium because she was born in the year 2000 and because Mazda also made a car called the Millennia that same year.   Years ago when I had lived there, I had rescued an all black kitty and named her Miata, after the Mazda sports car that came out around that time and because she was little, quick and went around the corners fast.

Jeff thought naming cats after cars was brilliant and often called Miata “Mazda Kitty” in homage to her car name.   Milly was the first cat he got the didn’t already come with a name, so Millennia it is.

Or Milly-goat, Milly-cat, Milli-vanilli and Princess…and here she is supervising Jeff while he sweeps up leaves.

The View from the Alpaca Farm

I think I could sit on the porch and look at this everyday!

Wait!  what’s this?

Its the farm cat…hunting…with a chipmunk in its mouth!  AAACCCKKK!!!

Where Cali was today

Cali enjoys seeking out and finding a variety of places in which she can hide or nap.

Today I find her in the linen closet. Another day, in the my closet, another day, on top of my laundry (clean) pile, and most days, on my bed.

It must be a cats version of musical chairs.

Cali at front window

I moved the cat tree to the front window, which gives the kitties a good view of whats going on outside the driveway and front porch area.

Cali and Dexter don’t seem to be able to share, even though there is two spots to sit, fighting and hissing occurs whenever one tries to join the other.  So while Dexter is at the playstation, Cali is taking her turn at the window seat.

This is parked right outside my bedroom door in the entryway, so every morning that I get up and walk past, Dexter is there performing his guard duties.  He takes guarding the Momma very seriously, until some unknown person comes up to the door…then he jumps down and hides in the shoe shelves.


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