Walk Around West Moreland Park

Boy, did we get a beautiful day! Perfect for snapping pix, and I did go a bit wild, snapping over 30 pix before we were done with our walk.

There are all these little bridges crossing the creek that comes of the shallow lake at the end, birds, ducks and geese are everywhere.  We even saw a Anna’s Hummingbird making its funny noise and doing its dive bombing technique for us.

West Moreland Park is one of those places you whiz by on 99E to and from Portland and you see the edge of it and keep saying to yourself, “I need to take a walk there.” And you say it to yourself for approx 2 or 3 years before you finally Just Do It.

And then when you get there you repeatedly say to yourself, “this is lovely, why didn’t I come here sooner?”

The park has lovely walkways all around, and hosts what is probably the worlds only casting pond in a city park.  Some Portland business man that wanted to practice his (fishing) casting and not have to drive too far from the city had it put in.  It also hosts those little dragon boat races.  Its things like casting ponds in city parks and outdoor municipal elevators that I like about living here.

Here you can see the edges of the casting platforms that are spaced evenly around the pond, presumably so each person can cast without getting tangled up with another persons.

Thru the Gazebo

It was wet and rainy, and I have little desire to go outside, besides, I am still in my slippers.   This is as far as you need to go to take a good autumnal picture, a step outside the sliding glass doors.


thru the gazabo

No need to hike up the mountainside, or drive miles and miles to some other destination. No need to lace up those hiking boots or dig up your hat and gloves.

walnut tree leaves

Well, maybe I stepped out of the gazebo a little bit…

walnut tree leaves against sky

so I could take these pictures of the walnut tree and the leaves its scattering all over the yard.

walnut tree leaves on grass It ends up looking like the backyard received a new carpet job…

autumn in the backyard

Of course, you can still sip the hot chocolate, if you want. With a little something in it, if you like. Just Saying.

Apples in the tree

Isn’t this gorgeous!

I took the camera over to Jeff’s again and wandered around the yard snapping various autumnal pix.

Everywhere you look it is beautiful, and I think, “who needs to arrange anything for a pix when it looks like this?”

Zebra Grass

The little ornamental grass that used to be below my window is now way up above it.

The tips are unfurling this beautiful tassle of reddish-purple also.  It is difficult to capture how it looks.  I will try again tomorrow from another angle and lighting perspective.

The kitties sure like it both inside and out.

Inside they perch on my bed and peer out through the grass, outside they make a path through it and pretend to be the mighty beasts of the jungle.

Front Yard in Autumn

Its time for Mother Nature to show us all her pretty colors!
Here is our varigated Japanese maple turning a lovely reddish-purple.


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