Alluring Automobiles

This special 1957 Jaguar: XK-SS Roadster preceded the D Series and was modified for the street from racing, Steve McQueen owned it at one time and called it “The Green Rat”.

I have a BF named Jeff who is a car buff and who has a birthday this fine month of August.  So I took him to Portland Art Museum’s  “The Allure of the Automobile” as a birthday present.  I think he liked it.  Actually, that is an understatement, he loved it.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many smiles on his face in one afternoon before!

Just look at these cars!  They are rare, beautiful and worth a lot!  As Jeff pointed out, this was a once in a lifetime experience, to physically lay eyes on cars of this caliber.   Many of these cars are one of a kind, prototypes or custom built either by the designer or for a super wealthy client.   They are unlike anything ever usually seen.

This Porche 550 it is not only a protoype, it also raced not once, but three times in the PanAmericana which is a race special to Jeff’s heart.  He has a whole book on this race which was very popular in the fifties when things like this could be done.  (Racing across an entire country  in every type of condition for thousands of miles, yes a crazy race.)

Here is a video of many of the cars we saw made by another museum so you can get an idea of what we oogled at.


Some of these auto’s came with incredible human interest stories, like the 1935 JN Duesenberg Roadster Carol Lombard purchased for her husband, Clark Gable, who refused to lay eyes on it again after her death.  Or the 1954 Dodge FireArrow  where a woman wearing high heels and a dress raced around a track going over 140 mph, or the protoype that the designer named after his wife, now that’s a sign of love!  See here for some quick outlines about these cars.

This French designed and built car was nicknamed “the Teardrop” a 1939 Talbot-Lago: T-150-C-SS and while it survived the German Invasion in WWII the designer/owner did not.  He was executed by the Nazi’s as a spy and member of the French Resistance.

Many of these cars noted were designed to resemble aircraft of the era, aviation being in its hey-day at the time and the thought was if a car looked swoopy like a plane it ought to be as fast as one too!

 The 1937 Delage D8-120S is a prime example of modeling a car after an airplane.

If you live in Oregon and can make it to see this special exhibit before it goes away on Sept 11, than  I urge you to see it, you won’t see anything like this again!  If you hear about “The Allure of the Automobile” show anywhere in your area (its a traveling exhibit and some of the cars change) than GO SEE IT.  Its worth every penny and its very fascinating!

Five Things

I was thinking, yes, I know a dangerous activity, about how many things I do the same Every Day.  And what would be left after I eliminated all the usual stuff, you know, like;  getting dressed, going to the bathroom, eating, sleeping, etc.

And then I wondered if I could come up with Five Things that I do every day, like that Top Five on Facebook.

1:  Knitting, of course

2: Reading, always before I sleep at night, I must read to unwind.

3: Making, Baking or Cooking Something in the kitchen.

4: Giving and Getting Hugs from DH.

5:  Petting & Feeding the kitties Tuna for Cats from Trader Joe’s every morning upon waking.

Another Nemesia

safari pink nemesia, my new one

Ever since I discovered these sweet long blooming annuals at my local nursery, I’ve been enchanted with them.

blueberry or bluebird nemesia

They are called “Nemesia fruiticans” and out here in the Pacific NW they bloom like mad from spring to fall.

white innocence nemesia

and they don’t have to be dead-headed either!  They bloom with no help from my snippers!

opal innocence nemesia

Nemesia are related to the Snapdragon and you can see how they look like a mini version of one.  They originate from South Africa, so naturally they love the sun.

Want to try some?  Check here.

Honest Scrap

What is “Honest Scrap”?

Well, its a blog award, of sorts.  and now I am supposed to share 10 Honest Things about me.  well, here it goes:

1)  I love to read travel books and look them up in my World Almanac.

2)  Even though severely asthma/allergic to cats, I can’t imagine my life without them.

3)  I read Encyclopedia Brittanica for fun when I was a kid.

4)  The smell of peas cooking makes me gag.

5)  I’ve always loved the color purple for as long as I can remember.

6)  Tulips have always been my favorite flower, followed by the Japanese Iris, of which I have none of in my yard.

7)  Reading, Knitting and Baking are my favorite forms of escape.

8)  I miss my niece  something awful.

9)  Depression is a huge struggle in my life and sometimes I worry that I’m going to lose the fight.

10)  If it weren’t for knitting and my knitting friends & community, I would have lost the fight.

11)   I love the smell of vanilla and almond together! (I wanted to end on a good note)

Also thanks to DH, Lynn, Melissa, Momcat, Dadcat, Vi, Jeff, Mom, Zoe & ATC Swappers, Ravelry, Kat, Hannah, and all who’ve shared, loved, encouraged and helped me on the way.

Now with even more Lavender!

This weekend Joanne and I went to the Master Gardner’s “Spring Garden Fair” in Canby where I somehow managed to acquire three new (to me) lavenders for my collection.

I love lavender, its easy to grow, can be used for everything from sachets to cooking and even the stems and leaves smell good.  Royal Velvet is a good culinary lavender, such as adding to lemonade and to sugar to make lavender sugar, which I’m thinking of trying with shortbread sugar cookies.

Seriously, what’s not to like about lavender?  Hidcote Pink is good flowering border lavender with a softer, sweet scent good for sachets and attracting butterflies.

Its also one of the only herbs I know of that can both be ingested and used topically for healing various ailments.  Goodwin Creek has these velvet-y flocked leaves that you just want to touch, and they have a soft sweet scent.  It grows a nice long stem and is good for drying, and crafting with.

Since their are over 200 varieties of lavender to be had, I am nowhere near acquiring them all.

See hereand here for more lavender information if you’re interested in acquiring your own collection.

In reading these for myself,  I have learned that in addition to the lavender named “Melissa” which I had to acquire as it is my sister’s name, there is also one named “Sarah” which I did not know about…I have to have it, that’s my niece!

Devils Punchbowl

And Finally, we reach the Devils Punchbowl.

Here’s a Believe it or Not for you…DH has never been to any of these places!  Taft, Otter Crest or the Devil’s Punchbowl.  It takes a True Pioneering  Oregonian to do this.

Go off the beaten path, take the road less traveled…avoid the Outlet Malls. :0

Devils Punchbowl is naturally red and bowl shaped, and a nasty place to get caught out.  The Coast Guard does its share of rescues along this coastline.  I’ll just stay up here, behind the fence line, thank you.

There is a path you can walk on and many terrific views of the coastline all along the way.

Loads of great whale watching spots.  It says there’s  180 degrees of viewing here.

Just stay on the path!  You don’t want to fall down there!

I’m snapping pix left and right, happy as the proverbial clam and then Chris walks up…looking at me like this!

“I’m tired,”  he says, “and I want to head home.”

OK, just a few more pix.  He takes one of me.

And then a lady walks up in sandals and capri’s and bright nail polish with jangley jewlery, and a cup of coffee (that’s how I know its a lady) and offers to take one of us together…

and then I take one of the sun setting on gull rock and we turn and walk back to the truck and head for home.

We drove home thru King’s Valley with one deer sighting.

We wished we could see more of the valley,  but it was too dark by then.  We vow to drive back thru King’s Valley during the daytime…and take pictures, as always!.  And there’s a covered bridge too!

Taft Beach

Here is one of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast.   Taft, with its little pier and inlet, and the great Mo’s right there. Its not a big beach, or the most famous beach, its this little dead-end place with great piles of wood everywhere.

Here is Chris and Scooter walking over a pile of wood before reaching the sandy beach line.  Taft is the only place I know of that a fire is allowed.

When I was young, my dad got a wood permit and we were allowed to drive the truck right out to the beach and cut up some wood and fill the truck.  When I was older, I made visits to the beach alone, with my sister and with my best friend…I remember the last time was late at night and we wondered around the campfires and heard the mingled sounds of voices around a fire over the sounds of the water rolling steadily up to the shores edge.

I remember a time with my best guy-friend, Jeff, back in the days when he perpetually wore a gray newsboy cap, and we saw some sea lions bobbing around the pier looking for freebies during the crabbing season.  People come and hang their crab pots over the edge of the rails, which are riddled with grooves from the ropes pulling back and forth.

And a time when it was my birthday.  In our family we had a tradition of choosing two dinners, a favorite at home and a favorite restaurant.   One year it was Mo’s at Taft Beach, with a lovely walk after stuffing ourselves with fish and chips.

And now, its a short walk with a guy that’s had three knee surgeries in two and 1/2 years and an old dog with a hip displacement problem…but its still Taft.

A lovely place.

Ode to Scooter the Cat

Scooter, sleeping in the old milk box on the porch at Jeff and Vi’s

Sad news today, Scooter, aka Booger, has died.

Approximately 13 years ago, I found him wandering in my parents cul-de-sac, sneezing with some type of kitty cold, thus the name “Booger”. The neighbors said he’d been there about two weeks and no one claimed him, so I scooped him up and took him home…which was Jeff and Vi’s.

scooter the cat Scooter resting under the birdbath.

Scooter hopped out of the car and followed me right into the basement and meowed at Jeff and looked cute. Jeff was instantly smitten, and there he has stayed ever since.  (Only Jeff insisted on calling him Booger, which I could never bring myself to call him, so I stuck with Scooter, which, if you had met him, really was a Scooter!)

This week he was not doing well, Jeff took him to our local vets and discovered he had colon cancer.   We are all sad,  Scooter was a great cat, cute, not much trouble and did I mention CUTE!

He was always doing the cutest, dumb stuff, like sticking his entire head in Jeff’s extra large coffee cup.  Or jumping up on the window ledge, slipping and falling off.  Or rolling in paper, that cat loved paper with a un-holy passion.  I used to bring over my packing paper when we received a package in the mail like that.

We’ll Miss You Scooter/Booger!

Jeff & Scooter Scooter in Jeff’s lap in their front yard.


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