How To Yarn Crawl

First you get a good friend with a super-cute kid, add a passport and hop in the car…drive like mad all over the Portland Metro Area and get your passport stamped 19 times at the19 different Yarn Shops participating in the Rose City Yarn Crawl 2012.

Stop for coffee and food sometimes, and keep going.

Win Prizes!

Take more pix of cute kid being super cute.

Let her take a pix of you.

Free Gifties!

Buy yarn and Roving

Enter to win one of the 19 Gift Baskets! Pick up some of the Free Patterns with Purchase.

We’re on a Mission!

We still have time to be goofy!  Cindy of Urban Fiber Arts with Rachel.

Turn in you crumbled Passport after visiting all 19 shops and kiss it for Good-Luck, because you want to win one of those gorgeous gift baskets.

Come home and admire your pile of loot and collapse with exhaustion.

This is my favorite find, Little Red Bicycle Tandem Lace in Blackberry Compote, isn’t it lovely?  I’m going to make a lace weight cardigan, like this maybe:

Chocolate may be needed to recover.

It was a dark and dreary day

another shot for Project 365 or 365Project, depending on the group you’re in.

Me, I made the mistake of signing up for both…didn’t think about the work all this uploading to groups might entail. Sigh.

So, here’s why all Oregonians have SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) the term was coined here for a reason.

It goes on and on like this.  Gray, dripping, wetness;  day after day, after day.

Stitch Jones/Glam Sock in Her Majesty color-way

Which is why we take our Christmas money and spend it on yarn like this!  Sparkles! Purples! Pretty!

It shall become a new beret and fingerless gloves set for myself.  I have plenty of shawls after all, I knit 16 shawls in 2010 alone!

And after a little tag survey on Ravelry, I discovered I finished knitting 63 items in 2010.

So, its time for a bit of a Knitting Year in Review, because I had No Idea I’d done so much!

Granted there were (and still are) a number of things still on the needles from as far back as say…2007?   And granted, some knitted objects are quite wee in nature and thus knit up very quickly.

Abstract Fiber Supersock in Alfalfa

and some things were 80-90% done and just needing dragging out and finishing up

Henley in Knit One Crochet Too 2cnd Time Around Beluga Blue

Like this Henley Tee for Chris.  All I needed to do was pick up and knit around the neckline, and do the button holes and weave in ends.   Can’t say why it took me so long.

Simple Yet Effective Shawl in Austerman Munro

Thanks to the 10shawls2010, I ended up knitting 16 shawls.  They are kind of like candy:  Sweet and Addicting.

The Simple Yet Effective Shawl was the one I knit in a single 24 hour period.  It was bulky and self-striping yarn and that just made it fly off the needles.  This one also went to the BSD Project, which ended up with nearly 2o knitted items.

Thorpe Earflap Hat in BMFA Icelandic

and the tons of hats, so fast to knit, especially when its the BMFA Icelandic Bulky Weight yarns!

So, that’s how I get thru my dark and dreary days, how about you??



Sometimes, you just make it up.

I’ve just realized that my last three projects were entirely made up out of my head…no pattern, no instructions, just sat down and cast on.

So what, some of you may think, I do that all the time.   I, for one, like to have a pattern to hand.   Now I may not follow that pattern Exactly, but I do use it…at least as a guideline.

Of course, all of these projects are for the BSD Project (for the homeless school kids) and will keep them cozy and warm in a hopefully styling manner.

Just A Hat knit in Icelandic wool donated by Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Chunky Cowl knit in Thickie-thin also donated by Blue Moon, Thanks Tina! We’re making great stuff for the kids!

Ribbed Scarf in a wool/cashmere blend donated by one of the Yarn Companies. This is really nice yarn and I would never have learned that otherwise, so thanks to them too!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Knitting!


Blue Moon donates to BSD Project!

After her annual De-stash Sale, Tina donated a bunch of yarn to the BSD Project!

Gail and Tami came home with loads of it, and I was lucky enough to get some right away.

First thing, I grabbed some Mopsy in what looks to me like the Vancouver Violet color-way (no labels) and knit up another “Just Enough Ruffles”.  This yarn is soooo scrumptious!

I am so sad that Tina is having such troubles with the mill in obtaining this yarn, but not sad to be knitting with it!

Some of these school kids are going to be so stylish and warm 🙂

Future projects will be made with some of this Icelandic:

I’ m thinking Thorpe’s.

Flash the Stash: Yarn from OFFF

Or should I say stuff we hauled home from the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival?

This year I went both days;  one day with my prodigy newbie knitter, Tina, and another day with the DH.  Tina had such fun, she wished she could come back the next day.

I somehow managed to only pull my camera out once, and took only one picture over two days. So, mostly, I have pix of the stuff we came home with.

This is Nadine, from the PDX Knitbloggers booth, holding up her Sivia Hardings “Heart to Heart” shawl, seen in better detaialhere.

I say we, because, DH is very fond of  BMFA STR (or Blue Moon Fiber Arts,  Socks That Rock yarn)  and he bought some of his own yarn…although I am the one expected to knit it.

This is also one of the Rare Gems color-ways that Tina dyes up when she wants to experiment with her dyes and colors…they are a one of kind, non repeatable color-ways.  Curiously, neither Chris, nor I have ever come home with any Rare Gems before, even though we’ve made numerous purchases from Blue Moon over the years.

Next up is a bundle of yarns from Abstract Fiber called appropriately “Colorwork”.  Apparently a bunch of them bundled up different color-ways and named them rather whimsically late the night before OFFF.  My bundle was labeled, “Scuba Diving in the Coral Reef”.    I love the saturation and richness of Abstract Fiber’s colors, and have a plan in mind for this bundle.

These colors reminded my of one of my favorites:  Koi Pond, which has all these colors in it all merged together.

Of course, I had to visit Lisa Souza’s booth, and there I picked up some beautiful light colored yarns for Vi.

This is Lisa Souza, Sock!  in the Mother of Pearl color-way

and this is Ice, Ice, Baby, a really light and icy blue.

Of course I had to get some more Lo-Lo Bars, here is a pix from last time:

This year we also picked up a couple of their new travel packs as well as some Lo-Lo Bars.  I love this product and have it placed strategically all over the house and in my knitting bag (which, of course, is with me at all times).

Some new stuff I picked up this year was this beautiful blackberry wine colored yarn from a new(er) dyer out there:

There is enough of this to make a sweater, if I can figure out which sweater and how.

And lastly, I dashed between the raindrops to pick up some Stitch Jones:

Top is the “Quince Blossom”  color-way and bottom is a new one she dyed up per Gail’s request, called “Rocky Mt. High”.  Gail was trying to evoke the colors she saw when flying over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

During the month of October, Sharon, of Stitch Jones is donating a portion of all sales of pink yarns and fibers to the Koman Foundation for the Awareness of Breast Cancer.  So, if you were thinking about getting some, now is good!

Now, I have some serious knitting to do!

The Epic Sweater KAL

Recently, I became a second moderator for a group on Ravelry (my online knitting community)

called “Finish or Frog It“.

Finish or Frog It was started by my blogging friend “Major Knitter” and its aim is to encourage us to evaluate our projects and choose to either finish knitting it up or to frog (un-ravel) it and re-purpose the yarn.

We try to do this with the goal of  “Finishing Friday”.  This has worked out pretty well for many of us…personally, if I want to post something by Friday, I know to focus on something to get ‘er done, so to speak.

Major Knitter also realized that many of us also have what we’ve come to call “Epic Projects” that often get pushed to the back of the knitting pile as we either get distracted by BSO’s  (Bright, Shiny Objects) or by those “Instant Gratification” projects that we all like to knit so we can feel like we’re getting something done this century.

These “Epic Projects” can be a bit of a slog and called for extra encouragement in the form of a contest.   So each year we declare our Epic Projects with the goal of finishing them, and prizes are awarded.  This has been working out pretty well, and after some online chatter, it seemed a good idea to form “The Epic Sweater KAL”.

Many of us have either wanted to make what we consider “The Epic Sweater” and were afraid to try it, and some of us have started “The Epic Sweater” and ran out of steam.  (Some of us have a real problem with BSO’s but we won’t name names here.)   My Epic Sweater is the “Plum Frost Cardigan” which I adored upon first sighting of it, and did not think I could possibly do such a thing.

Pictured above is the yarn for the Epic Sweater, and now, thanks to my great friends on Finish or Frog It, I have all the encouragement I need to get going…after the New Year, that is.  That’s when the KAL starts.  If you are on Ravelry and always wanted to knit The Epic Sweater, come join us, it’ll be fun.  We can do it!


Here is one half of my tank top I’ve been knitting on this week.  It’s going fast and I love this yarn!

Cascade Ultra Pima is a new 100% cotton that’s machine washable, really soft and drapey and even better, hasn’t been dipped in an acid bath (otherwise known as “mercerized”).

I loves it!

And I already have more yarn with plans for a market bag and another tank top 🙂

Lavalette & Other Knitting Projects

Lavalette Shawl by Through the Loops

Since I finished not one but Two shawls this week I felt compelled to cast on a new one.

Never mind the WIP’s (Works In Progress) still on the needles, I couldn’t resist the siren call of this Caribbean Blue Cashmere any longer!  Its like knitting with feathers, it is so light and silky and cloud-like!  Num!

Here is my Fourth Multnomah finished:

I don’t have a pix yet of the Cosette,  which I also finished, its just a lump un-blocked.

I now have a pile of four shawls on my craft table needing blocking attention, and I’m almost done with my Fifth Multnomah!  This 10 Shawls in 2010 thing is breezing right along…but I shouldn’t say that, it may cause bad luck or something!

Plus I have my Tweedy Aran Cardigan Project, where I learn about the complexity of diamond cables with twisted stitches inside.  I have four cable classes to learn how to do this, because DH surprised me with them from Melissa over at Make One.

I’ve got the yarn, special ordered from New York, ALOT of it!

Kathmandu Aran Tweed:

I’ve made a gauge swatch in the twisted rib pattern:

and determined its lovely.  I have the needles and the pattern all ready, and then the weather turns itself up to 80 degrees and makes me wonder if I should be doing this now or not.

But it is done in pieces and we do have A/C both at home and in the shop, so….What the heck!  Tweedy Aran Cardigan of my dreams, here I come!  (Wish me luck or send me prayers, whichever is your thing, I’m going to need them!)

Dexter in the yarn pile

Dexter climbed into the middle of the yarn pile as I was photographing the haul and began “kneading” the skeins.

Proof that BMFA is irresistable!

BMFA De-Stash

Guess where I was yesterday????
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Annual De-Stash Barn Sale held in the lovely town of  Scappoose, Oregon!

Jeff, Chris, Vi and myself drove up together and we all had a great time.

Vi sat and knitted, Chris wandered around talking to people, I collected great piles of yarn, while Jeff drove around the area looking at the countryside.

After Jeff finished his tour of the country side, he came back and joined us all for coffee/tea and donuts and visiting.  The gals were busy winding yarns like mad, so I waited until I got back home to start winding some of the stash, since I brought home the entire take for the day.   Meaning, Vi, Joanne, Chris and my own yarns.

Then we drove into St. Helen’s and ate at Dockside Steak & Pasta (which was yummy:) and went for a little stroll down on the docks.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, with blue skies and  little bits of white clouds. Various boats cruised by from kayaks to sailboats and a few people fished off the dock.

And did I take pictures of all this?  Why No.  Because I left the camera at home.  I tried taking some from my cellphone camera and now I  can’t figure out how to get them off of their and onto the computer.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it will involve buying something.  Pooh!

BMFA yarn pile


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