Dark & Stormy Cardigan

And here it is, my first goal done of Knit thru the Seasons. This is my winter project, the Dark & Stormy Cardigan http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dark-and-stormy and even though it is now April, its remains imminently wearable.

While Yarn Crawling, I hit up a few Trunk Shows and scored my buttons.  These are handmade ceramic buttons, you can find your own over here: http://www.oneofakindbuttons.com/

We’ve had snow three times in March and Mother Nature played her own April Fools Joke on us by throwing a cold and windy and stormy day at us.

Research Shows…

That if one doesn’t actually knit on their sweater(s), one doesn’t actually finish one’s sweater(s).

Startling, I know.

This coming from the person who declared  2011 The Year of the Sweater(s)!

I have a sweater finishing problem that rather needs to be conquered.  This Central Park Hoodie was started as a KAL in 2008 and its still not a sweater, yet.

Research reveals Three Things

  1. that just because its Almost Done, doesn’t magically make it Done,
  2. checking your project page on Ravelry doesn’t change anything either
  3. and dragging the project out of the closet and into your line of sight only reminds me its there.


Haunting and Taunting me.

So, I had this brilliant idea.  (Thus is the power of research.)

If I actually knit on a sweater a little bit, every day, the sweater might…wait for it…actually be a Finished Object!

Ok, Here I go to test the theory.

The Epic Sweater KAL

Recently, I became a second moderator for a group on Ravelry (my online knitting community)

called “Finish or Frog It“.

Finish or Frog It was started by my blogging friend “Major Knitter” and its aim is to encourage us to evaluate our projects and choose to either finish knitting it up or to frog (un-ravel) it and re-purpose the yarn.

We try to do this with the goal of  “Finishing Friday”.  This has worked out pretty well for many of us…personally, if I want to post something by Friday, I know to focus on something to get ‘er done, so to speak.

Major Knitter also realized that many of us also have what we’ve come to call “Epic Projects” that often get pushed to the back of the knitting pile as we either get distracted by BSO’s  (Bright, Shiny Objects) or by those “Instant Gratification” projects that we all like to knit so we can feel like we’re getting something done this century.

These “Epic Projects” can be a bit of a slog and called for extra encouragement in the form of a contest.   So each year we declare our Epic Projects with the goal of finishing them, and prizes are awarded.  This has been working out pretty well, and after some online chatter, it seemed a good idea to form “The Epic Sweater KAL”.

Many of us have either wanted to make what we consider “The Epic Sweater” and were afraid to try it, and some of us have started “The Epic Sweater” and ran out of steam.  (Some of us have a real problem with BSO’s but we won’t name names here.)   My Epic Sweater is the “Plum Frost Cardigan” which I adored upon first sighting of it, and did not think I could possibly do such a thing.

Pictured above is the yarn for the Epic Sweater, and now, thanks to my great friends on Finish or Frog It, I have all the encouragement I need to get going…after the New Year, that is.  That’s when the KAL starts.  If you are on Ravelry and always wanted to knit The Epic Sweater, come join us, it’ll be fun.  We can do it!

Swallowtail Shawl KAL

I’m just over the 100 stitches mark, and asking myself, “Why did I sign up for this KAL?”

The Swallowtail KAL and Support Group on Ravelry is being run by one of my good ATC  Swap pals, that is why.   Start date was June 30 and we are supposed to be done by August.  Oh, hey, my birthday:)

So far, my best work was accomplished in the traffic jam coming back from the Oregon Coast.  Maybe I just need another traffic jam time, because I am having an awful time concentrating on this anywhere else.

About:  Swallowtail Shawl is a free pattern by Evelyn Clark, a gazillion knitters have made it already, it is small and uses less than 500 yards of lace weight yarn.

KAL = Knit ALong

ATC Swap= Artist Trading Cards Swap

Ravelry is my online time suck knitting community that I belong to.

Yarn used is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Fingering Weight, De-Stash Sale.

Daisy Market Bag

Now that I’ve posted this as a Free Pattern, and revised it twice three times already, I thought I had better knit another one up from the current pattern.

If anybody finds mistakes in their pattern, kindly let me know.

Anybody want to make this a KAL?

Leave a comment,  let me know.  Or PM on Ravelry, where I’m known as “yarninaround” and please note the spelling is without the “g”.

daisy market bag bottom

I just finished knitting the bottom, picked up the stitches all around, increased, and now am starting the first round of the lace eyelets pattern.

The yarn I dug up from my stash is Sugar and Cream (worsted, 100% cotton dishcloth yarn) from Joann’s  and is called Hot Orange, Hot Pink, etc.  in case they still have those colorways available, and you are drooling to have some.  Keep in mind, this stuff is at least two years old.  And no,  I don’t have any more of it.




Zoe aka “the Muffin”


Log Cabin Square # 6

Yes! I have six squares done!
Now I can piece them together and see how it looks!

I am hoping with the border I am planning that it might work out to be enough, because I have had enough of knitting these squares.

CPH Progress Report

This is the back of my CPH sweater KAL, as you can see, I am thru the armhole shaping and ready for the neck shaping.   I now have a two fronts and most of the back done.
Then there is the sleeves, the hood and the trim.

Oh, yeah, and the sewing up.  ( I am deliberately not thinking about that part! )

I joined “Selfish Knitters” on Ravelry a while back to give me courage and fortitude to actually make myself something. and finish it. and wear it. Proudly, of course. They are a great inspiration!

And then because it is a KAL, there is the weekly progress report when we get together on Friday Nites to knit.   Emily and Shannon from Twisted say I am way, way ahead of others, not that this is a contest. Just saying…


Vi and I signed up at Twisted to participate in the latest Sweater KAL, which this time is the Central Park Hoodie.

I found the perfect yarn and had perfect gauge on my first swatch…this is the equivalent of knitting nirvanha. Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed.

I think this one is a winner!

Avoiding SSS

The dreaded “Second Sock Syndrome” is best avoided if you cast on your second sock within ten minutes of finishing your first one. I have it good authority that this is the Thing-To-Do, because that is what the Yarn Harlot says. So here I am, slogging along…thinking of how another soldier will smile:)

Ordered enough sock yarn from KnitPicks last nite to make four more pairs of SFS. Then, I signed up for “Summer of Socks 2008” because “Major Knitter” said to! I figured I could combine two birds with one stone, so to speak, by knitting my SFS and participating in the Summer of Socks KAL at the same time.

Who knows, I might win a prize, and I will certianly get a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation to keep knitting those socks!

Log Cabin Knitting

Been working steadily away on the Log Cabin knitted quilt.  Since Ravelry’s Mason-Dixon Knitting Group was doing a Log Cabin KAL, it keeps me going a bit more.  That and Chris is really into seeing this thing grow, and he keeps buying me new skeins to help it grow even bigger!


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