The Promontory Walk

Last week Jeff and I parked at the old Armory on John Adams Ave, for you local folks, and walked up the bluff on a long ago closed road that goes up to Promontory Avenue. 

This cross marks Promontory Ave, its been there a long time.  Don’t know the story behind it.  We continued walking the the bluff trail a little ways, just to see where it goes, but it clearly went on far longer than we were prepared to go, so we turned around and said we’d save it for another day.  Curiously, the bluff trail cuts thru some peoples yards, and it feels a bit strange walking those bits.   I guess you’d have to be prepared to see people walking thru your yard all the time if you lived there.

It was very pretty, and pretty steep, our calf muscles really felt this walk!

Jeff is a great companion to take a walk with, he studied geology in college and he is always sharing his vast storehouse of naturalist knowledge with me.  He also know birds, plants and trees pretty darn well too.

On this walk, he pointed out the many old volcanic activities, we saw lots of basalt and lava in various forms.  Here are some basalt columns, that have broken off the bluff and fallen over on their side.

The whole forest is covered with large boulders which are in turn covered with ivy and moss and it all looks very LOTR (Lord of the Rings) like in there. I swear, I saw something moving!

I huffed and puffed my way to the top, and over the broken off bits of road, all the while wondering when I’m going to start (physically) showing any effects of all these walks.

Yes, this is the road!

At the same time, I am enjoying the deep leafy green shade, and am assured of an awesome view at the top.

Is it worth it? Yes, unquestionably, Yes!
and then, we have to walk back down.

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