Humbug Camping Trip

Here is our tag marking our site, which was conveniently number 49,  so all I had to do to remember was think of the team, The 49ers.

Unfortunately, I became quite ill with what became a kidney infection and we packed up two days early and came home. Anti-biotics changed my world!

We ended up having as much fun as possible in three days, so we didn’t mourn the loss too much.

Day One: Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor and Jedediah State Park/Redwoods Drive

Chris at Jedediah State Park Redwoods Drive

The first day was pouring rain, so we jumped in the truck and headed south, to California, where we thought it would get better…weather-wise.  It didn’t.  It poured down rain and obscured all scenic views.

this is one of the scenic views, back beyond the truck is the ocean, the travel pamphlet said it was “spectacular” we’ll never know…cause we couldn’t see a thing.

this is part of the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor, this particular beach-head was home to some Native Americans at one time.  I would have read the plaque but I didn’t want to get drenched.

So, we kept driving, and it kept raining.

We passed the Chetco River, saw a few hardy souls fishing.

we finally reached California (still raining) and took the drive thru the Redwoods, which were so big, so many and so dense, the rain hardly reached thru the canopy

whole forts could be made in some of these trees!

It was a beautiful drive, and so narrow in some places, Chris had to do some deft maneuvering of the truck to get thru.  Obviously they took down as few redwoods as possible to make the road passable.  One particularly tight spot showed scrap marks on the side of the trees where some vehicles mis-calculated  or were too big.  Chris said it was only about 14 feet of clearance .

We came out at Elk Valley/Crescent City, and guess what?  It was still raining!

Made another attempt at one of the scenic viewpoints:

stopped in Brookings for gas and a wander around Fred Meyers to kill some time…and pick up some things…found a Quilt Shop, bought some fabric…meandered back to base camp, and Guess What?

Yep, it had stopped raining back at Humbug.  Figures.


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