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This year is a sad state of affairs for those of us trying to have gardens in the Pacific NW…while everything is growing in great green abundance, its not producing much in terms of vegetables and fruits.

Here is a pix of our tomato and some squash plants, growing a ton of green vines and by August 27th we still had no ripe tomatoes!!!  

This weekend Chris and I took a drive around the back (country) side of Oregon City and attempted to find a Farmer’s Booth to buy some fresh produce.

By the end, we had driven 90 miles and found one veggie stand with a meager, although interesting, amount of produce. I picked out some things I’ve never had before to give them a try:  Hungarian peppers, Armenian cucumbers and Japanese eggplant.

I plan to make Eggplant Parmigiana, as several members of my online
“Cooking From Scratch” group have mentioned making it lately and it sounds both healthy and delicious.  (We’ll overlook the copious amounts of cheese, shall we?  when mentioning the healthy part?)

We ended up at our local produce store, Spicer Brothers and buying what we needed there. I probably shouldn’t point out that Spicer Brothers is within about three miles of where we live, at the bottom of the hill.  So we picked up a box of peaches, because I desire to make an abundance of peach-related things and the box says “Washington Tree-Ripened Peaches.”  (see above pix)

Well.  All I can say is these peaches are NOT RIPE.  So I laid them all out on the patio table to (hopefully) get some notion of what ripeness is.  I have a recipe from my Rustic Fruit Dessert book  (a recipe book put out by a Porland Bakery, I might add) Caramel Peach Grunt, plus I plan to freeze some and make jam with some.

Look!  Here it is Sept 3rd and I finally have a ripe tomato!!  

On the knitting front, I have just finished some baby stuff, which is really fun because they are soo cute and quick:

In addition to making great gifts, they also are part of the LMKG Project, where I am slowly knitting my way through the Last Minute Knitted Gifts and More Last Minute Knitted Gifts Books.  So far, I’ve knitted thru about 21/2 chapters of projects. I’ve not attempted to knit any of the blankets yet, and wonder why she has no shawls.

Here is a pix I took of Chris in the truck before we left on our fruitless trip, get it?  Fruitless…sigh.  Whatever happened to the roadside produce stands anyway?

After I uploaded and edited this pix, I noticed that I had managed to get three reflections of myself in there.  I am not sure how that happened, couldn’t do it if I had planned too.

Then I put on my goofy hat and Chris took a pix of me too.  We now are wearing identical red Carhart t-shirts and goofy “crush” hats and feel just like those odd old couples you see, dressed alike and looking alike after they have been together for so long.  This is the type of stuff we laugh over.

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