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Before the Fourth of July we took a trip to Newport and visited with my Dad and Patty. The first thing we did was go out to Chinese food.  I’m not sure why, given that for weeks of phone calls and emails back and forth, I’d repeatedly said how much I looked forward to eating seafood while at the Coast.  So I made the best of it by ordering the Happy Family with shrimp and scallops in it, the scallops were yummy.

When we returned we decided we needed a walk, so we drove down to Hatfield’s Marine Science parking lot and took the Nature Path between the sea and river area called the   Yaquina Estuary Nature Trail.

Beginning of trail, bay to right, marsh to left.

The trail is unique in that it contains both sea water and its species and river water and its species and a meeting in the middle with a species diversity that has adapted to both.

Above is a map of where we walked.

The sun was starting to set and everything had that beautiful golden glow about it.

Looking towards the ocean on the Nature Trail

We walked along and some of us read the signs,

looked at the pretty foxgloves and grasses blowing in the wind and generally enjoyed ourselves.  Some of us did other things.

Sigh.  Such is life.

What is so interesting is how clearly divided the salinity or lack of makes the land look.  On one side of the path we have the pretty marsh and the other side we have the mud flats.



It was a peaceful and beautiful evening and we only met one other couple who said they lived around there and walked the nature path every evening.

Soon the sun began setting and the bridge and the bay looked so beautiful…

We caught some of the last rays of color as we were driving out of the parking area:

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