A Trip to Amber Hill Nursery

Lacy Lady Primula

I’ve been telling my friend Jeff about how great Amber Hill Nursery is for years, so we finally managed an afternoon outing together.

It was the most perfect day to go visit a nursery hidden deep in the back hills of Beaver Creek, warm, sunshine, just a ruffle of wind, just beautiful.

The kitty came out and said hi and wasn’t afraid to ask for belly rubs.

One of the things I really enjoy about Amber Hill Nursery is that I can count on finding something I haven’t seen before somewhere else.   They have a huge variety of Japanese Maples, we bought our variegated one from there, several years back and its enjoying its place in the front yard.

After walking the paths all around for a bit, we settled in to find some color spots,  for our planter boxes.  That is where we happened across this unusual form of Japanese primrose, called Primula sieboldii:

This is why I come to Amber Hill, never seen this before, had to have it!  Jeff also found a pot of dwarf Japanese irises which he bought for me.   When I was growing up, the driveway to our house out in the wilds of West Salem had clumps of dark purple Japanese Iris and I’ve always retained a fondness for them.

Jeff is the sort of friend that knows that, as well as the kind to buy them as a kind gesture.  I planted them out front, will have to take a picture as soon as there is something to take a picture of.

Here is Jeff, I made him stand still and smile.  He doesn’t like pictures taken anymore than I do, its an introverted thing.

Here is what Jeff bought to plant in his planter box, only I forgot what they are.  They have a rich, velvety color and he also got a deep red one, called “Vampira” or some such name.  Funny, I think a spin off the Twilight Series and other such vampire stories that have been popular lately.

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