Walk with me down the Flume Trail…

The trail is a squashed and looping circle, which begins & ends at the Mill Pond Dam.  As I said earlier, the diversity on this one short trail is amazing, I wish I’d recorded it better, but I only realized it after we were done.  FYI: some pix are the same or similar as yesterdays post.

To begin with this whole area was created by this dam, Mill Pond did not exist prior to the early 1900’s when they built the flume.  Here is scrubby cedar and granite outcrops and dry, sandy ground.

Walk over the dam and around the granite outcrop and Blam!  The Mill Pond surrounded by a field of daisies and ornamental grasses.  Very Beautiful!  and completely different from where you were just a few steps ago!

After walking thru the meadow we round a corner and Blam!  It changes again, to a moist & mossy redwood forest, with trilliums even!  Trilliums only grow in deep shade and moisture, unfortunately, I didn’t take a pix of one.

Here lies remains of the original flume structure.  They logged old growth redwoods to build this and covered the top of the flume like a boardwalk.  I saw pictures of ladies dressed in skirts, holding their parasols and strolling down the flume boardwalk, apparently it was a popular thing to do in its time.   The government of today wouldn’t allow such an enterprise, they would site safety issues and block it off.  Sigh.  Oh, well.

After seeing this,  I wondered how it worked…

After we pass the flume remains, the community outhouse remains, we round a corner and are surprised to see a cabin.  I think this is a replica.

It housed the original superintendent of the flume builders and his family. Later, he became the inspector, which turned out to be more work than building the flume was.

Five people lived in this one, small, cabin!

Here are original log cabin remains from when the flume builders lived here.

We gently round another corner and find the blacksmith’s shop, which rests between meadow and forest.  The landscape begins to change again.

Over the years the whole structure eroded and sunk and the roof appears to have sunk with it.  Earth takes back its own.  We walk back to the meadow and cross the bridge over the dam…back where we started.

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