Mill Pond Flume Trail

The Mill Pond Flume Trail Interpretive Site was my favorite, coolest, historic thing on the whole trip.  Aside from the Afternoon History Cruise around Lake Pend Oreille.  Then again, a boat ride on a beautiful day is always hard to beat.

Everywhere one looked and walked was beautiful and the  ecological diversity of the area was astounding.  We walked by a dam, a creek, a river, thru a stand of old Redwood forest, a meadow and a granite outcrop in the space of a mile.

Part of the old Redwood Forest the Flume Trail goes through.

Here is part of the lake, with some logs…like would have been used in the flume, floating in a cluster.  This pix was snapped from the parking area!  In this scenic area, one doesn’t have to go far to take a beautiful picture!

The Mill Pond Flume Trail starts with this dam;  this pix shows some of the scrubby granite bits at the beginning of the trail.

We’ll “walk” the trail together in my next post.  Meanwhile, here is everything you wanted to know (and more) about this wonderful trail.

Mill Pond Historic Site

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