Maryhill Grounds & Sculpture Garden

After Maryhill Stonehenge Chris drove me down the road apiece to the Museum.

(The museum I didn’t have time to actually go into.)  However, the day was specularly beautiful and so were the grounds, so I didn’t have any trouble entertaining myself, just me and my trusty Nikon.  Where was DH you ask??? Sitting in the truck in the parking lot! ’nuff said.

First, I was pleasantly surprised by the peacocks, wondering around the grounds,

posing amoungst the sculpture garden as part of the art.

I have no idea what these are supposed to be or represent.  Love the whimsical quality of them and love how they framed the softly rolling hills behind them.

love this Chihuly styled sculpture!

More fun with photoshop,  these sculptures remind me of Buddhist Zen Monks praying or something…not that I pretend to know anything about Zen or Buddhism.

King and Queen for the Day, anyone?

Maryhill is just flat out a beautiful place, if any of you have the opportunity, visit here, you won’t be disappointed.

Even if it looks like something from the Twilight Zone, Orson Welles or Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

And hey, if you are a Hulu fan, you can watch the Twilight Zone,  Alfred Hitchcock Presents or the Alfred Hitchcock Hour right now, right here.  (With Hulu, things come and go, so no guarantees it will be there later.)

What takes place behind those barred windows???  Why is this place in the middle of nowhere?  Who is the mysterious Mary Hill?  Tune in next time for the answer to these questions or perhaps all new questions as we uncover the truth…mahaahaha (twilight zone theme plays in background)!!

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