Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial

Maryhill is a place I’ve long wanted to go see, and it is worth the seeing, even if you don’t go to the Museum itself, its worth the drive.  (Although someday, when I don’t have an impatient guy with me,  I will tour the museum…for as long as I want to!)

Maryhill Museum’s Grand Entrance

We stopped first at Maryhill Stonehenge, which is a World War I Memorial, including plaques with the names and dates of the  thirteen men from the surrounding area ( its not a very inhabited area, even today) who served and died In the first World War.

viewed from Maryhill StonehengeView from Stonehenge across the Columbia River Gorge.

Just the scenic viewing points and the grounds are worth looking over.

And I’ve had fun playing around with Photoshop.  I made this photo of the nearby fields look like artwork, which I felt looked even better than the original photograph.

Here is the whole, original photo of the fields, before I played with it.  By the way, this picture was taken from the parking lot!  That’s how beautiful this area is!

This one, I played around with hue, saturation and texture until it turned into this place that looks like the setting for a Sci-Fi show.   Can you imagine the Twilight Zone, Dr. Who or Firefly having some adventures here?

This one turned out to be my favorite though, which I posted immediately on FB because I liked it so much.  Perhaps because I just finished reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, I couldn’t help thinking that if you stepped thru it would become a portal and transport you somewhere magical.

To be continued…

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2 responses to “Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial

  1. Oh, well, finished “Echo in the Bone” while sitting in view of the lake…

  2. I’ve been reading the series since its started. If you’re just starting, you won’t have as long as a wait for the next book. 😉

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