Honest Scrap

What is “Honest Scrap”?

Well, its a blog award, of sorts.  and now I am supposed to share 10 Honest Things about me.  well, here it goes:

1)  I love to read travel books and look them up in my World Almanac.

2)  Even though severely asthma/allergic to cats, I can’t imagine my life without them.

3)  I read Encyclopedia Brittanica for fun when I was a kid.

4)  The smell of peas cooking makes me gag.

5)  I’ve always loved the color purple for as long as I can remember.

6)  Tulips have always been my favorite flower, followed by the Japanese Iris, of which I have none of in my yard.

7)  Reading, Knitting and Baking are my favorite forms of escape.

8)  I miss my niece  something awful.

9)  Depression is a huge struggle in my life and sometimes I worry that I’m going to lose the fight.

10)  If it weren’t for knitting and my knitting friends & community, I would have lost the fight.

11)   I love the smell of vanilla and almond together! (I wanted to end on a good note)

Also thanks to DH, Lynn, Melissa, Momcat, Dadcat, Vi, Jeff, Mom, Zoe & ATC Swappers, Ravelry, Kat, Hannah, and all who’ve shared, loved, encouraged and helped me on the way.

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