Devils Punchbowl

And Finally, we reach the Devils Punchbowl.

Here’s a Believe it or Not for you…DH has never been to any of these places!  Taft, Otter Crest or the Devil’s Punchbowl.  It takes a True Pioneering  Oregonian to do this.

Go off the beaten path, take the road less traveled…avoid the Outlet Malls. :0

Devils Punchbowl is naturally red and bowl shaped, and a nasty place to get caught out.  The Coast Guard does its share of rescues along this coastline.  I’ll just stay up here, behind the fence line, thank you.

There is a path you can walk on and many terrific views of the coastline all along the way.

Loads of great whale watching spots.  It says there’s  180 degrees of viewing here.

Just stay on the path!  You don’t want to fall down there!

I’m snapping pix left and right, happy as the proverbial clam and then Chris walks up…looking at me like this!

“I’m tired,”  he says, “and I want to head home.”

OK, just a few more pix.  He takes one of me.

And then a lady walks up in sandals and capri’s and bright nail polish with jangley jewlery, and a cup of coffee (that’s how I know its a lady) and offers to take one of us together…

and then I take one of the sun setting on gull rock and we turn and walk back to the truck and head for home.

We drove home thru King’s Valley with one deer sighting.

We wished we could see more of the valley,  but it was too dark by then.  We vow to drive back thru King’s Valley during the daytime…and take pictures, as always!.  And there’s a covered bridge too!

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One response to “Devils Punchbowl

  1. These are gorgeous pictures. What a wonderful trip!

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