Rodea Point to Otter Crest Loop

Rodea Point is part of the Otter Crest Loop, its the first of many scenic viewpoints along the way.  Rodea is the last name of the guy who helped design/build the early bridges/roads along there.

Otter Crest Loop used to be a regular part of HWY 101, but it was shifted over and widened, so now its a beautiful scenic loop.

The first place we stop is The Look Out, the location which is historically known as “Cape Foulweather” for when Captain Cook first visited these fair shores over 200 years ago.  Can you guess that the weather wasn’t real nice there?

This is a popular spot to do some good whale watching.  We stopped and spotted a few spouts and the occasional roll-over, but it is too far away to get a decent picture of.

Here is a pix I took leaning over the rail looking down to the water.  You can see why its fenced off.  The Big Rock sticking out there is called “Gull Rock” is part of what’s left of the areas original volcanic activity.

The coastline is very rocky and dangerous around here, which is also what makes it so beautiful.  Can you see that ring of rocks sticking up there?

Here is a closer view.  These rocks are Basalt, part of the original volcano that formed this area.  It is unusual to see these in a ring like this and unusual to see Basalt on our coastline.   If you are into that sort of stuff, its pretty cool though.

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