Quilt Show Part III

Last day of my quilt show postings…this one was appliqued stars from star material.

I snapped this pix for the DH because he has already collected a bunch of stars fabric that he wants a quilt from.

Yes, you heard me right, HE collected quilt material.  Of course, its Yours Truly that ends up actually making it.  Sometimes,  I feel a lot like the Little Red Hen around here.

He buys me material, “make me a quilt”.  He buys me Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock yarn, “make me socks…and a hat…and matching fingerless gloves”.  He buys me food, “make me something yummy.”  And so I do.  Let’s just say he’s a wee bit spoiled.

Speaking of Little Red Hens, here is a wall hanging the combines embroidery, applique and  good old-fashioned log cabin squares.  Couldn’t you just see this one hanging in the kitchen?

While we’re on animals, here is the cat quilt.  Each cat shape was uniquely quilted.

I wish I could get the yellow light all the way out, that’s the trouble with indoors lighting…anyways, I loved the fresh look of the white background with the color blocks pattern this has.

Here’s a better shot of the quilt in close-up.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Very Fresco!  I think I want a picnic!

Finally, on our way out the door, Joanne and I stopped and assembled some quilt blocks for the Northwest Quilters Guild to sew into Comforting Quilts.   Comforting Quilts are made for charity giving for those in need of, well, comfort.   I liked that they had this station set up with different fabrics all cut out and samples on the wall for us to see and follow…it was a great way for us to participate!

Here’s Jo’s:

Here’s mine:

I had fun assembling my block, and thought it was a great way to end our trip to the quilt show.

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