Christmas on the Up-Cycle

Here are some earrings I made last week with Christmas in mind, I was trying to go for a holly leaf with berries on it.

My mom and I spent some time making bead stuff last week.   She is really enjoying herself, of course that is because she always hands of the tying off and/or other fiddly bits for me to do, whilst she starts another project!

Some old, some new components, I went thru my 83 year old friends jewelry that she wanted to do away with, and some of the best stuff was several old multi-stranded chokers of Austrian Crystal.  You know the kind?  with 3 strands of graduated sets of beads?

Well, you take just one of those apart and you have a LOT of crystals in several sizes.  Vi had inherited her mom’s, aunts and two sisters worth of that 50’s and 60’s style of jewelry, and I have baggies full of the stuff now!

So all the crystals show in my Christmas inspired stitch markers come from Vi’s cache of up-cycled jewelry.

these blue glass beads, strung by mom,  came from Vi’s too.

Formerly a ugly single strand necklace.  You know the kind? that you used to play “dress-up” when you were a small child?

But you add some modern silver beads and (waves wand around) wah-lah!  A new and shiny bracelet!

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