Adventures at Sock Summit 2009

This pix of Gail at the Abstract Fiber Booth set up says it all!

Jasmine modeling her mohawk

Here is our own sweet Jasmine modeling her new Mohawk and the Feather Lace Shawl knit in Abstract Fiber Constellation Mightysock, the merino-tencel blend, which has great drape for shawls.

Susan knitting at Sock Summit

And Susan herself, knitting  off her yarn bracelet thingy…I don’t know what it is officially called, but she did get me one for my birthday, how cool is that?  Susan is wearing the Kiwassa Shawl knit in Seattle Mightysock.

Both shawl patterns are by local designer, Chrissy Gardner, of Gardiner Yarn Works, and she also designed a new sock pattern for us to feature at the show…which I have yet to snap a photo of.

The yarn Susan is knitting with is a new colorway called “Mt Hood Rose” .  Hopefully we’ll see more of this beautiful deep rose-magenta-purple-pink color!

line for swap from Knitmore Girls

The Big Event was when the Knitmore Girls showed up to hand out free swag bags!  The lines were long.  Susan handed out chocolates and business cards, I handed out bookmarks with Jasmine’s free hat pattern on them, and Gail socialized with the crowd.

Jasmin of Knitmore Girls

Jasmin of Knitmore Girls was very sweet, gracious and kind to everybody alike, I can see why she and her mom together have such a following!

More Adventures at Sock Summit to follow…

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