Ode to Scooter the Cat

Scooter, sleeping in the old milk box on the porch at Jeff and Vi’s

Sad news today, Scooter, aka Booger, has died.

Approximately 13 years ago, I found him wandering in my parents cul-de-sac, sneezing with some type of kitty cold, thus the name “Booger”. The neighbors said he’d been there about two weeks and no one claimed him, so I scooped him up and took him home…which was Jeff and Vi’s.

scooter the cat Scooter resting under the birdbath.

Scooter hopped out of the car and followed me right into the basement and meowed at Jeff and looked cute. Jeff was instantly smitten, and there he has stayed ever since.  (Only Jeff insisted on calling him Booger, which I could never bring myself to call him, so I stuck with Scooter, which, if you had met him, really was a Scooter!)

This week he was not doing well, Jeff took him to our local vets and discovered he had colon cancer.   We are all sad,  Scooter was a great cat, cute, not much trouble and did I mention CUTE!

He was always doing the cutest, dumb stuff, like sticking his entire head in Jeff’s extra large coffee cup.  Or jumping up on the window ledge, slipping and falling off.  Or rolling in paper, that cat loved paper with a un-holy passion.  I used to bring over my packing paper when we received a package in the mail like that.

We’ll Miss You Scooter/Booger!

Jeff & Scooter Scooter in Jeff’s lap in their front yard.

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