Native Tourist

Jeff, Joanne and I went to visit the Oregon City Municipal Elevator.

OC Elevator

Here I am, a Webfoot Oregonian, and here I’ve lived, in Oregon City for over five years now, and I have never been to “The Elevator”.

Jeff & Joanne at OC Elevator

So I took my trusty point & shoot, coolpix and acted like a tourist, in my own town.   We entered and rode up from the bottom of the cliff.  The tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks is lined with all these 3-D or holographic pictures of the original wooden structure thru the re-building of the one we see today.

Pictures in the tunnelstairs up the cliff side

To tell you the truth, those pictures make me feel a little dizzy, every time you move, so do they.

If you feel adventurous, you don’t have to use the elevator, you can take the stairs and hike all the way up the cliff side instead.  Joanne did.  Jeff & I weren’t feeling the adventurous feeling.

stairs up the cliff sidestairs up the cliff

So we rode up and took in the view.  Its a stunning view, all the way up I-205, across the old Arched West Linn Bridge, and down the Willamette River and the Willamette Falls Locks.  (The Locks is another area I have yet to go see up close and in person.)

Joanne going in OC ElevatorJoanne at top of OC Elevator

Joanne takes one look from 130 feet up and steps back against the column.  She tells us she can see just fine from there, Thank you!  Jeff I and go right up to the windows and marvel at the view.  It is a really good clear day, we can see a long ways out and around.

top of OC ElevatorJeff outside top of OC Elevator

Here is what we can see just from two directions.  I was trying to refrain from taking a ton of pix from every angle.

Elevator View over West Linn BridgeElevator view down to Willamete River

These are both of our Oregon City Bridges that cross the Willamette River.  The pix on the left shows the old West Linn Arch Bridge going straight over, the pix on the right shows the green of the newer OC bridge that is part of 205.

Top of OC Elevator roundhousepath from top of OC ELevator

From the Elevator roundhouse, which has more historic pix and plaques and info, two paths curve off in opposite directions that take you to the road at the top of this cliff.

Lavender at top of OC ELevator

Here is my final view, through the lavender they have planted in a little bricked off area, with benches scattered around.  I could not resist the pix thru the lavender, since I have a “thing” for lavender and it is blooming all over the place right now!

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