Buttermilk Pie

Boy, I feel old-fashioned making and eating a pie like this.

Buttermilk Pie

However, I didn’t suffer too much 😉

buttermilk pie

Recipe is from my trusty Fannie Farmer, The Baking Book.

This pie is easy to make and is a wonderful combination of flavors and textures;  smooth and custard-y, sweet and tangy, with just a hint of lemon hitting the back of your taste buds.

The older I get, the more I feel a kinship with my late Grandma H.  She taught me many of the domestic things that I persue today:  cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, some gardening,  and clever ways to use up what you have to make a meal.

This morning I was peeling yesterdays baked potatoe with a knife, and I stopped and noticed the brown spots on my hands.  How they look like Grandma’s hands:   I watched her peel, or chop something so many times, with the same deft attention.  It was an eerie moment.  Sometimes I think she is right over my shoulder, watching me.

I am sure she would have enjoyed a slice of Buttermilk Pie, even though I never knew her to make one.  But Grandma loved her a good piece of pie, especially Lemon Meringue.

Once she had me drive her over to Fred Myers just to get some Lemon Meringue Pie from the bakery, just because they had it on special.  I told her she could make better herself, and she said, “I know, I know, but its on sale for a good price, and we can have a piece with lunch.”

Well, it was always hard to argue with Grandma’s logic.

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Just another crafty gal from the PNW. Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Handstitching, Spinning, Knitting, ATC's and Card Making, Uhmm...I won't bore you.

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