Lavender is Blooming!

Sachets anyone?  ’cause I got lavender busting out all over the place!

Lavender Row

and I still have a bag full in the garage from last years crop.

I seriously need to think of some new things to do with all this lavender.


lavender bee

My trusty Nikon Coolpix  point and shoot can’t do the bee justice, but trust me, the bees are all over this stuff!

melissa lavender

Here is “Melissa” lavender, which took me years to find, and two years to get it to bloom out very well.  It appears to finally settled in and is doing well now.

Melissa lavender

Just about every time I tried to take its pix, a breeze came through, I think my Melissa lavender is a bit on they shy side, after all it is a pale, pale pink!

Lavender Tussie Mussie

Lavender Tussie Mussie, Anyone???

Last evening I went out with the scissors and cut a small bunch of Melissa Lavender and then surrounded it with a bunch of my French Lavender, added some Strawberry Ornamental Grasses and made a little bouquet.

Lavender Bouquet

When I was done putting in the simple Terracotta glazed vase, I happened to spy this butterfly sitting with my miniature tea pot collection, and stuck it on there too.  It just seemed to want to be there.

Lavender bushes from front of house

This is the view straight on from the street and the front of the house,  I love this time when everything is green, and purple and it looks so verdant.  The zebra grass is back up over my window sill, so when I look out the window I see a nice leafy frame into the front yard.

I hear its good in shortbread, maybe I will have to invent a Lavender version of the “Pink Cookies” 😛

About goodfruit

Just another crafty gal from the PNW. Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Handstitching, Spinning, Knitting, ATC's and Card Making, Uhmm...I won't bore you.

One response to “Lavender is Blooming!

  1. Sharon

    I love lavender and the bees buzzing around. I get a lot of butterflies in my yard because of all the lavender plants. I make wands and wreaths with my bounty of blooms.

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