Back to Oregon via the Puget Island Ferry

I just love riding on ferries!

So much to see, all the way around, and from beginning to end.  Plus it was a good way to cross back over to Oregon without driving another couple of hundred miles on the road.

Puget Island Shoreline

This is the Puget Island Shoreline, Washington side, as the ferry pulls away from the dock.
Puget Island Ferry wake

The wake as its leaving Washington behind.  I just liked looking at the wake.

Chris & I on the ferry

A kind passenger thought she ought to take our pix.   As we were crossing, I chatted with her a bit and Chris chatted with a guy on board an equal amount of time and later, back in the car, we exchanged notes.  Here is what he learned: I don’t know his name, I don’t know what he does, or where he lives…I don’t know, I don’t know.

Here is what I learned:  she has lived in Portland around 5o years, visited Seaside today with a friend and came back this way, drives for a courier service, has a brother who lives just above us on the same hill in Oregon City, rescued her dog from her sister…who was going to give it away, and loves the Pacific Northwest, as I do.

car being towed on ferry

OK, this is the funny bit.  This car was being towed…

bashed up truck towing car on ferry

by this truck!  I thought it looked as though it should be the other way around!  Well, it was funny to me anyway.

Chris & the little red car on ferry

I didn’t want to offend anyone taking pix of their cars and trucks, so I took a wide angle of Chris standing next to the Little Red Car, and then cropped everything as you see it now.  And Chris probably thought this was all about him!

Oregon side of Puget Island Ferry

We’re driving off the ferry and will shortly pass over into the Oregon side.  It was a beautiful day, and worth the drive.

About a year ago, we  drove this way once before, more or less accidentally, on a dark, moonless night, and I had been wanting to drive back and actually see it in the light of day.  I had this sense, even in the dark, when we could see almost nothing, that it was beautiful, and I am glad to see my senses were not wrong!

Puget Island Ferry Crossing

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