Flora & Fauna of the Lighthouse

Any naturalists out there?  I’m not sure what this is, they remind me of bleeding hearts though.

Edited: Thanks to my friend, Missamite over on Ravelry, this is called “Salal”.

Indian Paintbrush

This is Indian Paintbrush, just starting to bloom, they’ll be all over the hillock in another week or so.


Masses of this stuff, Foxglove, commonly known for the heart medicene, digitalias that it provides.

rebecca at north head lighthouse

Now I don’t even know if this is a Flora or a Fauna.

Queen Anne's Lace?

Looks like a type of Queen Anne’s Lace, I don’t know.  The bees were busy with it though and they had these unusual pods that formed underneath them.

flower pod

Can you believe Chris drove over 125 miles before he stopped somewhere and let me out of the car with the camera?  Now this is the kind of thing that happens,  I run all over like a fiend, snapping pix of the flower pods and the like.

tiny purple flowers

No idea what these sweet purple flowers are, lets call them Purple Starflowers 😀

daisy type of flower

Look at how perfect those petals are!  These reminded me of the blossoms on wild strawberries.

Meanwhile people have come, circled the Lighthouse, taken pix of themselves and the Lighthouse, and gone.

chris reads plaque

And Chris is so bored, he actually reads the info plaque!  (Chris won’t read anything unless its his Trailer Life Magazine or a camping catalog).

There is a brass rubbing someone built into the plaque of one of the flora’s, and I can’t help but wonder how many people come equipped with paper and pencil, pastals, crayons, what-have-you, all the way down here on this trail, just so they can make a rubbing.   Yeah, that was what I was thinking, you too?

wild rose

A wild rose.

My mom once named our family cat “Wild Rose”, which I discovered when I had to pick her up from the vets.  We always just called her “Mama cat” because she’d had three litters of kittens, the last litter being a litter of ten!

Yes, ten kittens.  We just had a blast, at the young gradeschool ages we were then, with ten kittens.  When it was time Mom put a free ad in the IGA Shopper (our local grocers) for free kittens to good home, and they were gone in no time.

So you can see why she was dubbed “Mama cat” and why I would be a bit shocked to discover that at the vets she’d been given the egregious name of  “Wild Rose”.

grass & sky

Green grasses, blue skies, white clouds.

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One response to “Flora & Fauna of the Lighthouse

  1. Missamite

    The first pic that reminds you of bleeding hearts is called Salal. Nice photograpy.

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