Tiny Pouch

I was trying to think up some more small projects to show off Abstract Fiber Mighty Sock, (Koi Pond colorway) so I wound up with this.

And I was thinking of using it on one of my “Instant Gratification Necklaces”.  Like so:

tiny pouch

It is stuffed with leftover bits of Mighty sock yarns too!

How’s that for recycling? Eco-friendly, and charming, in one little bundle 🙂

Only my “necklace” in this case is the I-cord I worked around the ear-plugs for my MP-3 player:

I-cord on MP-3 playerSansa Fuze with I-cord

I really like the Koi Pond colorway, its so cheerful!

And I like my really in-expensive MP-3, Sansa Fuze, it cost all of $40.00 and suits my needs perfectly.  Who says you need all the bells and whistles?

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