Talisman Rose

This is a heritage or heirloom rose from Jeff’ & Vi’s place.

It was the one that Vi carried at her wedding over sixty years ago, a spray of little buds on top of the white bible.  When did that little tradition stop, I wonder?   And why didn’t the men carry on as well?  Just a thought.  I have those from time to time.

It is cool in that it is one color when a bud and another when in full bloom.

talisman rose bloom

Beautiful, isn’t it?

talisman rose

I put it near my coffee pot, so I could see it every morning.

And everytime I pour myself a cup.

And another cup.

Or do the dishes.  Since its right near the sink.

2 responses to “Talisman Rose

  1. Peggy Leslie

    At my wedding in 1964, my bridesmaid carried long-stemmed Talisman Roses in a multi-hued coral color that was stunning against their gold brocade dresses.

  2. mary Chawla

    I thought from my childhood that talisman’s name was “tea rose.” How surprised was I to learn that my mother’s favorite rose was only developed in 1929 when she was a bride!!

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