Sarah’s Sewing Day

While it was Easter/Spring Break at Sarah’s school, we had another round of  “Camp Becca” over here.  While I missed bringing the camera on our Garden Walk, which ended in a muddy mess, I did get pix of our sewing session.

Here she is after finding the collection of scarves I keep for her in the hall closet to play with, she tied them on various parts of her body.  Its amazing how entertaining a tote bag of old scarves can be.  Oh! and see her new haircut?

Here Sarah is leaning on her new pink sewing box holding her new sewing scissors, all ready to go.

sarah ready to sew

Melissa gave me some fabric and pillow forms sometime last summer, when I was painting Sarah’s room orange, pink, and green and we used some to begin our first sewing lesson.  Which began with how to hold the scissors.  Sarah took her time lining up her cuts and did a very nice,  even line.  Then we learned to pin.

sarah pinning fabric

Pinning is very absorbing work.  Here she is with extra pieces of fabric, practicing her pinning skills.

sarah pins fabric

It is tricky learning how to hold your hands on either side of the fabric and maneuver those pins around!   In one corner she managed to place about five pins!

Grandma Corinne bought her a sewing book and sewing kit, the sewing kit she let Sarah pick out herself.  On the right is her Hot Pink Magnetic Pin Dish.

Why didn’t they make these things when I was a child?  Sarah was delighted to find out I had one just like hers in Lavender, which, as she pointed out, matches her boots.  The ones that waded into the muddy marshy creek…and…never mind, lets just say, she has plenty of her mother’s genes in her.

sarah with sewing box

Grandma came over to observe the inauguration of the sewing box, but turned her back when the photo op came.

We managed to finish one pillow, only I was too involved with teaching Sarah to take a pix while she was at the sewing machine.  And then I sent the pillow home without even taking a pix of the finished object.  Sigh…oh well, there are two more pillows to make and Sarah opted to leave her sewing book and box here so she can be ready for the next lesson.

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