Woobu Cardi

What I do when I am not test knitting.

Knit a mindless, stockinette stitch cardigan from the top down, in the most deliciously soft yarn.

woobu cardi

Yes,  its another BMFA yarn, and yes, I have this colorway in another yarn already, and no, I didn’t need it.
Not exactly.   But my sister says you can never have too many cardigans.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts ” Woobu”  is a wool and bamboo blend yarn in the “Bleck” color way.

It is a color nearly impossible to take an accurate picture of, and also difficult to describe.  Its kinda a greyish, purplish color, a color I call “Dove Grey”.

And Blue Moon calls it “Bleck”,  which  I like to  imagine comes from looking out the window in the middle of Febuary and seeing yet more rain, steadily falling on a gray day in the Pacific Northwest.  And then you say, “Bleck”.

2 responses to “Woobu Cardi

  1. Knitting Pure and Simple Neck-down cardigan, the one with the V-neck, seed stitch border and simple tie across the top. Except I am using a different stitch pattern on mine. But the directions and numbers of stitches are the same.


  2. shirley

    what pattern are you using for the cardigan

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