Frost in Culver City

The frost on the barb wire looks so amazing to me… I made Chris stop while I took a gazillion pictures of it.

frosted barb wire

The locals drive by and I know they are wondering why someone wants to take a gazillion pictures of the barbed wire…after all, they see this all the time, what is the big deal?

This is Culver City,  just before Lake Billy Chinook and Cove Palisades Camping Area.

frost on the wire
Chris agrees with me that this is a good place to go camping…in the summer, not so much right now.  The temp has been hovering around 20 degrees all day.

Chilly. Brr Cold!

Brr Cold! is what my sister and I used to say when we were kids as an indicator of how COLD it Really Was!

horizon thru the wire

Is that Madras back yonder? (I just had to use that frost to frame the pix)

I don’t know as I am directionally challenged when it comes to things like maps, and North and South of wherever.  Its a girl thing, I am pretty sure our brains our wired differently and we missed out on that mapquest implant…

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