Santa Claus Drive By

Ya, out here in the ‘burbs of Park Place, we got it goin’ on!

It’s the Santa Claus Clackamas Fire Dept Food Drive, and it drives right by our house.  As you can see, its a whole Drive By Processional, complete with Santa on his sleigh!

Santa’s truck and his volunteers hand out the little mini candy canes.

collecting food

Here is the Supplies Truck collecting the food.  People come out with bags of food to donate and the volunteers that retrieve the food are appropriately called “runners” because they run up and collect it from you and bring it back to the truck.  The runners and other volunteers are very busy keeping the mobile food drive, well, mobile.

I am pretty sure they have every light possible operating on all of the trucks and vehicles going by…so you can’t miss it:)   Every once in a while they give their sirens a short whir for the benefit of the children flocking to the sidewalk to see Santa.

Chef Fire Truck

Bringing up the rear, the Battalion Chief’s Truck

Fire Truck No. 13

Fire Engine No. 13 out of Clarks,  Oregon,  an all volunteer station, housed in what used to be a dairy.

Chris and I like Clarkes General Store & Eatery  for their down home charm of old wooden plank floors and up-ended wooden barrels where you can play a game of checkers and eat a corn dog (that’s the “eatery” part).

I have a Clarkes Store t-shirt with their logo on it:  ” If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!! ”

Ha!  Don’t you just love the way those folks in the country think?

Chris viewing fire trucks

Of Course, Some of the Children who Can’t Wait to See Santa are Bigger than Others!

I seldom see Chris get up out of his big, comfy chair with matching ottoman so fast:D

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